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Typing With Bluetooth

Typing With Bluetooth After a while, we had customers who just liked to stare, so we got the screen, but with no keyboard. And now, we have a keyboard with no screen! Technology is interesting. First, we had a basic computer, which came with a monitor, processor, and keyboard. Initially, computers were large enough to [...]

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Prevent Laptop Keyboard From Dust

Prevent Laptop Keyboard From Dust Referring to internet café bar, the first impression is dirty. What about your computer at home? Are they as clean as you expected? Have your ever check it? To tell the truth, there are tens of thousands bacteria attaching on the computer, especially the keyboard. As the keyboard in my [...]

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Are Mini Keyboards Ergonomically-Friendly?

Are Mini Keyboards Ergonomically-Friendly? Advanced portability of communication and gaming has brought with it keyboards of various sizes many becoming smaller and smaller. For example, the Blackberry phone has a mini keyboard that allows you to do virtually everything you could do with a laptop. If you're like most people you may not consider a mini keyboard [...]

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Creating an Ergonomic Workstation

Creating an Ergonomic Workstation If you spend much time in front of your computer on a regular basis, an important thing to consider is creating an ergonomic workstation. While sitting at a computer may seem like a fairly safe activity, in many cases it can be harmful and dangerous to your health. To reduce the [...]

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How To Fix the 3 Red Light Error?

How To Fix the 3 Red Light Error? PC cannot give a matchless and unique experience in gaming zone such as Xbox 360. The keyboard cannot give you the permanent joy of gaming since certain games will not support in your system because of the games graphical resolution. So, you need to buy a separate [...]

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