Here I want to show you how you can find your perfect gaming keyboard.
There are many things you have to take a look at.
The first thing is the design.

First of all the price is the expressive point
to take a look at. I have ordered my reviews for the prices:

Gaming Keyboard: $0-30

Gaming Keyboard: $30-50

Gaming Keyboard: $70-100

Gaming Keyboard: $50-70

Gaming Keyboard: $+100


The most necessary thing for your keyboard is the ergonomics.
If your board is not ergonomic you will get pains or even worse you
get ill. So first take a look if you can lay down your palm on the keyboard for
a pleasant use.

Wireless Keyboards:

Wireless Keyboard are very comfortable and are a big advantage.
The bad thing about it is the need of batteries and the higher asset cost.
But wireless keyboard aren’t slower than wired ones.
Some people represent that wireless keyboards are slower than wired one.
Many tests have shown me that this is not so.

Find Wireless Gaming Keyboard


Most time people choose a gaming keyboard is the backlightning of the keys.
This should always be a point of view for choosing a keyboard.
The lightning between the boards can be very different.
Some producers give a possibility of some steps of the brightness of the leds.
RGB lightning allows you to choose every color you want.
At some keyboards you can backlight every key in another color.


The second reason why people choose gaming keyboard are additional to normal keys
the multimedia keys for control of music and other things and the macro keys.
The programming keys or macro keys can be programmed with special software and
can be used for key combinations like (FN+C). But there could be always differences
between the software.

Keyboard and Mouse Combined:

Also you can find keyboards with mousepads.
These keyboards are especially for travelling really interesting.
You don’t need to sacrifice your laptop keyboard.
Most time these keyboards are wireless and you can keep a distance to the device.

Keyboard with Mousepad


A keyboard need to have a solid look.
It need to fit to your PC or Laptop and to your furniture.
But keep in mind if you want something special like a wooden keyboard
the price can rise fast.


The software is the processor for your keyboard.
Here you can program the macro keys, the lightning, the brightness.
Some software are bad programmed and cost lots of resources of your system.
Here is it necessary to take a look at.