What do people know about a one handed keyboard? Gamers know this well. Like the name implies. It’s a specific keyboard used by a single hand. For some people, it will be a daunting task to use this type of keyboard. Some gamers don’t like it. Most of them choose to play games with a regular hardware. It’s hard to decide whether or not this product is worthy. Some gamers are attracted to use it, though. They want to feel the sensation of using a unique keyboard. There are some references on the market. These are three great one-handed keyboards to use.

Logitech G13

Gamers have been familiar with Logitech. It’s, in fact, a famous company that produces lots of PC gaming peripherals including single-handed keyboards. Their G13 is quite famous as well. They have a good expectation from this item. Basically, it’s a small keypad with customizable keys. Some gamers use it along with an analog joystick. It’s easy to use as people don’t need to move their hand from the wrist rest. The company has included the basic system on this keyboard. Still, they also include some improvements that make the G13 popular. The backlighting comes with a customizable LCD display.

Gamers are able to set up different backlight color with that programmable display. This provides a distinct quality that makes this keyboard stand out among the competitors. Nothing is perfect. People should learn more about this gaming keypad. First things first, it’s about the weight and size. The keyboard comes with 650 gram in weight. This isn’t lightweight, indeed. There’s also bulky rubber feet attached. The keyboard will take much space on the desk. The size is 24 cm from up to bottom. G13 is made of a good quality material, though. Not to mention it’s more durable as compared to its rivals.

When it is about the design, G13 is very appealing. It comes with sharp and elegant lines. The color is dark with dull finish. That means there won’t be more garishness that often affects gaming hardware. It wins many gamers’ hearts due to its luxurious design. The comfortable wrist rest also comes with soft material. Gamers will get both excellent and comfort grip from it. In a nutshell, games can get superior control and ergonomic comfort from this keyboard. There are more than 20-button keypads that are programmable. The cable is quite long and the keyboard uses onboard memory.

What are the cons? The clickable joystick isn’t something easy to use by gamers. It has no plug-and-play feature. Gamers need much time to set it up. Overall, G13 is a nice product. It has a comfortable design and many features. Plus, it’s suitable for diehard gamers due to its comfort and usability features.

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Razer Tartarus

Razer becomes one of the most famous companies that produce gaming peripherals. Now they come with their Tartarus. This keyboard is quite noticeable due to the features and design. There are 3 basic sections included such as thumb-control component, a keypad, and readymade wrist-rest. It’s produced for gamers who only have the left hand. The size of the keyboard is 2 x 6 x 7 inches. The cable size is 6-foot long. The keypad is able to connect to either desktop PC or laptop through USB 2.0. There are big rubber feet below the Tartarus. These help the keyboard firmly intact even during heated games.

There are 15 buttons. They are all programmable. They also show numbers so gamers can easily use them. The backlight comes with a green color. That means gamers can use it even in dim or dark lighting. There are two extra thumb buttons situated on the right part of the keyboard. Plus, there’s a thumb-stick situated near it. The thumb stick includes comfortable buttons and a good design. Gamers may feel comfortable as they can control it precisely. The keyboard has many similarities to Orbweaver. Users can customize the position and fit for different needs. It will be more comfortable to use, for sure.

What about the performance? Tartarus offers great control over many high-end games. Gamers may never wonder where the basic commands are situated. Everyone can use it, in fact. They will forget about regular keyboards and start loving this item. There’s single thing that bothers. Some gamers don’t like the WASD keys. These buttons make them lose track easily while gaming. However, this small issue doesn’t affect significantly to the overall quality of Tartarus. Both the thumb-stick and thumb buttons are comfortable. They are consistent, too.

Gamers really love Razer Tartarus as they can get the combination of wrist support with solid controls. Definitely, it becomes one of the best gaming keypads on the market. It also comes with a more affordable price when compared to its competitors. This is a good choice with lots of benefits and only small issues. The keyboard offers both usability and quality.

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Razer Orbweaver

This is another excellent one handed gaming keyboard produced by Razer. It has a compact size and there’s 6-foot long cable with USB connection. It’s considered slimmer as compared to Logitech G13. That means gamers can put this on their gaming desk without taking too much space. In the terms of design, this keypad has a higher palm rest. That means it gives more excellent support than the G13. The only thing that it misses is the digital display. In this field, Logitech wins the competition. There are rubber feet below the keyboard. Once gamers decide the convenient position, the item will stay put on it.

Like other single-handed gaming keyboards, Orbweaver includes 3 components such as a thumb module, 20 customizable buttons, and a keypad. All of them are created and shaped to give simple access to the whole control keys. Players also get a comfortable position for both the palm and wrist. They can play games for hours without suffering pain on their wrist. The programmable buttons are placed well. There’s adjustable bright green backlight beneath those buttons. Gamers can adjust the brightness levels, too. G13 offers more buttons, though. The other disappointment is the palpable dissimilarities between the regular buttons and WASD keys. Gamers often miss the buttons. This issue ruins heated games sometimes. Regardless of this problem, the overall quality of the item is beyond great.

Apart from such downside, the keyboard has improved thumb controls. It comes with more sensitive and smaller thumb buttons. The joystick becomes easier to use as well. That means the Orbweaver has the most valuable thumb controls when compared to other gaming keypads available on the market. There are more features available. The keyboard includes various adjustable parts. Not to mention it has smooth and intuitive performance. The controls are very user-friendly. All gamers can make use the keyboard easily. Both the support and comfort are superior to others. The biggest competitor is Logitech G13. However, Orbweaver is considered more adjustable and comfortable.
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Final Verdict

In summary, a keyboard one handed feature is quite popular among gamers these days. They want to increase both comfort and efficacy when playing their favorite games. There are many choices when it comes to buying such kind of keyboard. Those three references can be basic options for those who want to buy the best keypad. There are many aspects to pay attention when picking them. These include the size, comfort, features, and efficacy. These affect how comfortable gamers can play their games. Both Razer and Logitech compete against each other to win the market. People have different preferences, though. Some choose Razer’s keyboard while others love Logitech’s.