Are you still using the same mouse that you bought your keyboard with? Or maybe you have tried a new mouse, but the problem is that you have some of nagging RSI strain, wires tangled in every corner of your house, a mouse that is super slow and has left you in deep depression. If your mouse is not working for you, it is high time you consider purchasing a new one. You will need to keep in mind the following factors while shopping for a mouse.


There are many differences between the producers of mouses when we speak about the price.
There are many mouses with lots of features, buttons and high tech sensors with lots of dpi for only some bucks.
But the problem of these products are that the quality is not so good and often they will make problems with the parts after some months.
If you want a good gaming mouse with lots of features and a good quality you should take a look at prices between $30-$80.
Here will you find my list price list.

Mouses between $ 0-30
Mouses between $ 30-50
Mouses between $ 50-70
Mouses between $ 70-100
Mouses above $ 100

Mouse Reviews:

Find all comparison between mouses. Here will you find 3 to 5 products which compared with each other
to make a winner at the end. You will find different criterias for the reviews.
The most necessary points are the ergonomic, the price and the quality.
For example you will find there the best wireless gaming mouse for less than 30$.

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Size and ergonomics

The most crucial thing when looking for a mouse is how easy it is to use and how it feels. Having a great mouse that is easy to work with can make a huge difference. Although the size of a mouse is a personal preference, the grip is a crucial factor too, there are types of mouse that have better grips than others, thus this is a factor you should put in mind when finding the perfect mouse.

Wireless mouse vs. wired

So are you wondering whether you should get wireless mouse or a wired one? While this used to be a hot debate question for computer users, the gap between the wireless mouse vs. wired has reduced over the years. There are still a number of merits and demerits for each type of mouse. However, all these will depend on the priority you put on each feature and it will also depend on the kind of a user you are.

Wired mouse

Although the prices of the wireless mouse have changed over the years, one thing is for sure is that the prices of mice have remained fairly cheaper compared to the other type of mice.The good thing about wired mice is that you are never left looking for batteries when the mouse is powered by your computer. This is yet another crucial factor in the price section. There are a number of wireless mouse manufacturers who try to solve this issues by using what is called docking station. However, the bad thing about this is that it can take up very important desk real estate.
A part from price, there is really no major difference between the wireless and the wired mouse, well; the wireless mice are not as vast as they used to be in the past. It used to be that the graphic designers and computer gamers were strictly in the wired camp. This is because they used to depend on the zero lag and the DPI that the wired mouse could be able to provide. However, there are converts who have switched both categories to wireless mouse as their preferred type. However, there are some kind of wireless mouse that still have issues with lagging, especially when you employ the sleep mode to save the life of the battery.

The Nano receivers are quite great and function well when they are plugged into the USB port. However, when it goes missing, you are normally out of lack. To be honest, there are certain companies that have come up with a new design to help solve this problem, and many mice nowadays have the receiver placeholders on some part of the device to protect.

The wireless mouse

Comfort is what every user always looks for in a mouse, and this is certainly a factor that wireless mice have. The wireless mouse does not have any cord, so you cannot get tangled up when you are using the mouse. Also, this also makes this type of mouse easy to travel with, because it is travel friendly with less cord. You only need to put it inside your bag.The only limiting factor that comes with the wireless mouse is the particular wireless technology. Bluetooth connectivity is capable of connecting at least 30 feet. The 2.4GHz wireless technology is also the same. There are a number of wireless mouse producers who have tried to offer extra-long cord to compensate for this problem, although it is still not the same.This technology is still under a lot of improvement, but is apparently relegated to one wireless mouse producer. The name of the company is Logitech. Its unifying technology allows you to save USB ports. It lets you pair up to 6 devices at the same time with a single USB receiver. However, this means you will have to buy Logitech gadgets for all your needs, it is something you need to think about, if you are tired of swapping receivers.

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Mouse sensitivity

This can be defined as the speed at which the pointer of a mouse moves on the computer screen. When the sensitivity of the mouse is increased, the pointer moves faster and needs less effort to move about the screen. Low mouse sensitivity makes the pointer move at a very low speed and will require a lot of effort to move the mouse, and thus the pointer on the screen. However, low sensitivity gives better precision for people who are not familiar with a mouse.

While you are using your computer, you may find it necessary to alter the sensitivity of you mouse by increasing its sensitivity so as to make fast and large movements about the screen or adjust to the less sensitive for short pointer placements. It only takes a few seconds to alter the sensitivity of the mouse in both OS X and Windows, so you can change the settings on the fly depending on what kind of job you want to accomplish.

For windows 8, move your mouse to the upper- right hand corner of your computer’s screen until you open the menu, move the pointer down and the click the “search” icon. The icon is shaped like a magnifying glass

On the search space, type mouse and the click on change the mouse pointer display or speed. Now move the slider to the right to make the pointer move faster or move it to the left to make the point move slow.

Now click on the apply button and then the OK button when you are contented with the sensitivity.

For windows 7, go to the control button after clicking the start button, then type “mouse” on the search space and click on the CHANGE THE MOUSE POINTER DISPLAY OR SPEED. Now move the cursor on to the right side to increase the sensitivity of the pointer or slide it to the left to reduce the sensitivity of the pointer.

For those who are using the Mac OS X, go on the apple menu and then click on it, the menu is on the upper left corner of the computer screen. Now click on the SYSTEM PREFERENCES. Go on the mouse icon and click on it in the system preferences section. If the icon does not appear, click on the SHOW ALL at the very top of the panel.

Move the tracking slider to the right to increase the movement of the pointer or move it to the left to lower the sensitivity of the pointer. Close the panel when you are satisfied with your settings. The computer saves the changes automatically.

Tips and warnings when changing mouse settings:

The accuracy and speed of the pointer of cordless mice is extremely affected when the batteries start to fail. If you start to notice some delay in the performance of the mouse, replace your batteries or charge them before you troubleshoot.

Normally, cordless mice operate on the same frequency just as the Wi-Fi. It is very possible that those Wi-Fi signals can affect the pointing device. If this happens, try to move your wireless antenna or your router on a different router, you can also use a corded mouse on your affect computer.

There are some types of mice that have the ability to change the sensitivity of the pointer. They allow you to adjust a switch on the mouse or by pressing a button. Check on the user’s manual for more details, if you own one of these devices.

Dpi button on mouse

DPI basically means Dots per inch. It is simply a measure of how sensitive a mouse is, the higher the DPI of a mouse is, the faster the cursor on the screen will move when you move your mouse. A mouse that has a very high DPI settings normally detects and responds to even to very small movements.

A higher DPI is not always a great thing. You really do not want the cursor of your mouse to shoot all the across the screen, when the mouse moves a little bit. However, a higher DPI setting helps the mouse to detect and respond to minute movements so that it’s easy for you to point at things more easily and with uttermost accuracy. For instance, just imagine you are playing a single person shooter game. When you zoom in with the rifle and try to aim at the target, a high DPI could come in handy, because it allows you to aim at the target with small movements. When you play the game without the zoomed rifle, the DPI may be too high and sensitive or you.

This is the reason many  companies design DPI buttons on mouse. The buttons are put on the mouse so that you can adjust the DPI settings when you are playing a game.

The DPI settings are quite unique and different from the standard mouse sensitivity setting. DPI usually refers to the hardware capabilities of the mouse. On the other hand, sensitivity is merely a software setting.

For instance, assume that you have a cheap mouse that has low DPI and you alter the sensitivity, if you aim at a small target, you will notice the mouse cursor jumping from on point to another on the screen as you move the mouse.

The hardware is not that sensitive, therefore, it does not detect smaller movements, and thus the movement is not as smooth.

A mouse with high DPI can also be linked with a low sensitivity setting, so the cursor won’t shoot across the screen when you move the mouse, but the movement will remain smooth.

High DPI mice are important and resourceful if you have a monitor with high resolution. For instance, if you are playing a game on a screen that has a low resolution, say 1366*768, you do not need high DPI. Also, if you are playing a game on a screen with very high resolution, say 3840*2160, a higher DPI allows you to move the cursor across the screen nicely and smoothly without any form of dragging.

What is an ergonomic mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is a kind of mouse that has been made to minimize discomfort brought about by arthritis, tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, and muscle strain while you are using it.

There are many types of computer mouse. They come in all kind of sizes and shapes. There is the tiny portable mouse, the one that has a scroll at the center and the ones with no buttons like the one from Mac and many more.

If you want to prevent computer-mouse injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and you are serious about ergonomics, it is wise to purchase an ergonomic mouse.

But the truth is that these mice cost a lot more than the standard mice. But no one can put a price on health, or is there? The main reasons why users experience pain and discomfort in their hands and wrists, it is because the common computer mouse does not fit well.

Many people do not purchase mouse because of the shape and size. They don’t really consider whether the mouse fit their hands or not. They buy because of user ability, functionality, brand and even color. There is a problem of getting a mouse that is very small to fit the hands. However, if you have a smaller hand you should purchase a smaller mouse, otherwise is also true. A smaller ergonomic mouse will only cause more harm than joy. It will cause you fatigue and strain. Ergonomic computers come in various sizes, there are even those made for left hand users.

If you are a left hand user, you should buy a compatible left hand ergonomic mouse.

A non-ergonomic mouse will put extreme stress on your hands, if you have never noticed, your hands usually bends when you are using it.

What you don’t know is that you have twisted your hands to fit the mouse. Ergonomics is all about ensuring the posture is as natural as possible and it is also efficient. Ergonomic design is all about ensuring these tools fit your hands perfectly not your hands to fit the mouse.

An ergonomic mouse adapts to the natural position of the hand. The common mouse is a bit too slippery and these make the fingers tense and thus becoming difficult to control the mouse. Just imagine how much effort you would put, to walk in a slippery surface. You will notice that your body tenses in order to control your movements. The same applies to the mouse.

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to use an ergonomic mouse.

When you get an ergonomic mouse that has the right shape and size for your hands, the grip will be as natural as nature. You will also be able to hold the mouse with much ease. A hand that feels comfortable will ease the tendons and reduce muscle fatigue and your arm, elbow and hand.
Purchasing an ergonomic mouse that has the perfect shape and size, supports your hand.
The mouse helps you assume the natural position of your hands even when you are working using it, this is because it does not twist the forearm.
The mouse is not slippery at all, both on the mouse pad or the screen.

It is not easy to choose the best ergonomic mouse; this is because there are too many on the market. We shall only review some of the popular ergonomic mouse currently in the market.

Mouse buttons

A mouse button can be a single button or a number of buttons located on the front part of the computer mouse. The buttons let the user perform the intended action. For instance, a user may have to click on the mouse button to open a dialog box or a file, or even hold the mouse button and rag it down to highlight text.
Every mouse has at least two buttons, although there are other mice that have more than two buttons found on the side of the mouse.
It is normally the default mouse button in most OS and programs. The left button is used to select, click or open a file on the computer. For instance, you can left click if you want to open a link on a browser, or you can double click the left button to open a program on windows OS.

If left click and hold the button while dragging you mouse, you are highlighting the text. When you are playing a game you can use the left button as an action tool. Let’s say for instance in a shooter game, you can use the left button to shoot the gun.
The function of the right button is to mainly give additional detail or characteristics of a clicked item. For instance, if you press the right button on anything you have highlighted, you are given a menu that allows you to copy the text that you have highlighted.

Computers with wheels can use the wheels as a buttons. If you press down on the wheel, it acts as a button and it will act according to the software that you have installed. However, the main function of the middle button is to open links on browsers in a new tab.

There are mice that have thumb buttons; these buttons can be set to perform certain actions. However, most of these buttons are used to forward or back in a browser.
There are mice that have more than two buttons. For instance, gaming mouse have many different buttons that can be set to different functions in the game. Additionally, you can always change the default settings of you mouse buttons to perform the actions that you intend to perform.

MMO Gaming Mouses

Especially MMO Gaming Mouses have lots of buttons for gaming.
These buttons are thumb buttons and have up to 12 buttons only for the thumb.
Most time for this mouses you get a special software for program the buttons and
create macros.

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Left handed mouse

From the internet to personal laptops, the modern world has changed the way we work and do things. However, there is a group that has been ignored and marginalized in this shift.

Whether you are using your keyboard to punch words and numbers into a keyboard or struggling to use your right hand mouse with your hand, left handed people continue to suffer because of the right handed mouse. So there is need for left handed mouse for a left handed individual.

For many years, manufacturers refused to make left handed mice because they thought that wasn’t going to make them any profit. When they started to address this problem, they made the mouse to be used in either side of the computer. However, the mouse did not have the ergonomic support that the right hand people could easily find on the Google search page.

Although left handed people can train themselves to use the right hand mouse, there is really no need to go through all that yet it’s easy to buy a left handed mouse.

Ergonomic is about customization. A mouse is not ergonomic if it is no productive, unless it is designed to fit the needs of a single user. This simply means a right handed mouse is not going to work well with a left handed person. No matter how great it looks.

If you are a left handed user, you can get a left handed mouse on the market at a very cheap price, the left handed mouse is ideal for left hand users, because it works just the way you want it to work, you can easily navigate on your screen without depending on the dominant hand. Another thing, it is ergonomic as well. So at least for once you will get to benefit from the support that the right handed users get. This also means that you will also get to enjoy a more productive, efficient and comfortable way of working. With the left handed mouse, you will be able to prevent the “Repetitive Strain Injuries otherwise known as RSIs such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You will have great brain power to focus on your work, to achieve your goals faster and with much ease.

Therefore, you deserve to have an ergonomic left handed mouse made specifically for you.

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