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Choosing a gaming mouse is not something that you should do in a rush. After all, if you are a true gamer, you would understand how important it is to be able to fully immerse yourself into the game so that you would feel like you have truly become a part of it. Vision and music are important to gaming, but there truly is nothing more pivotal than the controller. If you are playing a PC game, then the controller would typically be your computer mouse, and it is notorious already that playing games using computer mouse is much harder than if you were playing games using specially designed controllers such as the ones that come with PS and Xbox consoles. If you want to be able to unleash your potential to the fullest, you would require a gaming mouse, and yet gaming mouse can be very expensive. However, it is not to say that there is no good quality gaming mouse available because you would be able to find them on the list below.

Considering the Cheapest and Best Gaming Mouse Options

There are some cheap gaming mouse options which are priced below thirty dollars and yet can give you a wonderful gaming experience all the same. Not only that, you would also be able to use them for work or video editing purposes and the results would be all that much better. Redragon Centrophorus is the first on the list. At just fourteen dollars per unit, you would not believe how wonderful this gaming mouse can be. This one is the cheapest on the list, and yet the lighting does not leave much to be desired. It is also a great mouse for multitasking as you would also be able to use it effectively for any kind of software related to programming or other purposes. All in all, the Redragon Centrophorus is a wonderful tool that mixes work and fun seamlessly. On the other hand, be aware that its overall feel as you handle it is rather cheap. Still, this is something that should be expected and not a great caveat.

Redragon Mammoth is the next gaming mouse on the list. This is the most expensive gaming mouse priced under thirty dollars at twenty-eight dollars, but with price comes quality. You can say that this is the better version of Redragon Centrophorus that takes everything that makes the lesser version special and improves them. It has up to five profiles that you can use, which is a point in customization. You would also delight from the great weight tuning and LED lighting that the Redragon Mammoth delivers. However, there is a delay in macros that you should be aware of in this version.

The Zelotes T90 is the last on the list of best gaming mouse options priced under thirty dollars. For its price of nineteen dollars, Zelotes T90 functions wonderfully and you would not believe the speed at which the sensor can operate. Zelotes T90 also comes equipped with a modern LED lighting that you would not believe comes at such a price. Still, this one would not work properly without a mousepad. All in all, you should choose based on your preference.