Logitech G700










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  • nice design
  • Many buttons
  • 5-dpi-steps
  • scrollwheel in two steps working


  • dustcatcher

Technical things about the wireless gaming mouse

I bought the Logitech G700 last year in the summer.Logitech-G700s-910-003584-Rechargeable-Gaming-Mouse-0-0
And worked and played with it all the time. It is a high end gaming mouse.
The gaming mouse works with laser and the speed of the mouse can be changed at any time on the left
side on a button. The mouse can work with up to 5.700 dpi.
Three Leds show you which option is selected. With the Logitech Software you can programm the buttons and the options of the speed.
The logitech g700 get shipped with a mini usb as receiver, a loading cable and the wireless mouse with batteries.
The mouse works till 10 meters difference to the receiver.
With the G-Button you can programm these buttons for your games or office applications.
The mouse works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and also 10.
With Mac you can use the mouse with version 10.6 or higher.
But special Software from logitech isn’t aviable.
The mouse is for right-hander and has a special ergomical form.
The mouse only have 3 small LEDs at the left side which can light in red, orange and green.
The LEDs show the battery and the setting.

G700 analyse/G700 test

The Logitech G700 was more than 12 month in use and I can say many things about.
First I start with the bad things the disadvantages I found out.
The battery life was in the first 6 month with more than 1 week without loading.
Now more than 6 month later I need to load the battery of the mouse every day to use it.
The second negative aspect about the g700 is the high price for the product.
I bought the gaming mouse for more than 110$ in the last year. Yes it got cheaper right now.
The third thing I found out is an optical aspect. The mouse is black and you can see really quickly the dust on the mouse.
About the good things:

Advantages of the G700:

Many people think wireless mouses have delays in games and you are in a disadvantage against a wired ones.
My opinion is that it isn’t so. Before I had the logitech g700 I had some wired gaming mouses and there was no difference between them and the wireless one.
And the reaction is not affected by the battery power. If the battery is low the reaction don’t change.
Also a good reason for the mouse is the possibility to take it up to ten meters and you can use it. For example if make a presentation or look a movie on a projector it is
a really cool thing. The wireless mouse confident with the solid look without blinking and shining lights. In my opinion it’s cool for the first time
but in the daily routine it is annoying so the g700 is one of my biggest favourits if someone ask me what gaming mouse he should buy.
About the weigth: Some people speak about that the g700 is really heavy. Yes it is with 151 gramms a heavy mouse. But because of that I like it.
The mouse can’t be lift up like every other mouse. It has a really good contact to the mouse pad because of that.
The mouse wheel has a special feature, behind the wheel is a button and with this you can lock and unlock the wheel.
If the button locks the wheel it can be used as normal, but if you unlock the wheel and turn it has no resistant and turn the hole time.
This can be used to scan big websites or to search an old post on facebook.
After all this time the mouse works still fine.
Yeah I said the things about the battery but this is the only hook.
If you want  more information for this product and where you can buy this.


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