Mickey Mouse Never Say Goodbye

Well, speaking of the lovely Mickey Mouse, it is by far the cutest fictional character of the last few decades. As it were, you will find it difficult to spend a day without seeing this adorable character. Needless to say, Mickey Mouse is everywhere, and we all know why! Whatever your age is, Mickey Mouse will always bring a smile to your face. The Mickey Mouse is really a big deal and its popularity beyond doubt has been in the ascendancy. You know, to date great deals of general publics have jumped on the bandwagon for the cute and high-end Mickey Mouse MP3. Admittedly, Mickey Mouse well on the way toward great breakthroughs and winning the laurels on the strength of unremitting efforts and endless innovation never gonna say good bye to the publics.
Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? Based on the new 1GB Mplayer, my guess would be iriver. Originally commissioned by Disney for Hong Kong Disneyland, the iriver Mickey Mouse Mp3 has just recently become available in South Korea, which looks to be its only official destination outside of the amusement park. Since Disney normally plasters its colorful product boxes with cartoon characters and oversized writing, the minimalist presentation seems to suggest that the player is not aimed at its usual demographic.
I have yet to be impressed by the accessory bundle included with any iriver player, and the Mickey Mouse Mp3 does nothing to sway my opinion in the other direction. In addition to the player itself, each box contains a standard USB 2.0 cable, earphones with detachable lanyard, quick start guide, warranty information, and mini CD-ROM. Perhaps because I’m not used to seeing Mickey Mouse’s head in 3D, much less separated from his body, the Mickey Mouse Mp3 doesn’t always look like a round head with bulbous ears to me. There are times (and angles) when the player actually looks more like gumballs or a misshapen pregnant woman. I think it’s the facelessness that throws me off.
Even though Mickey Mouse is so iconic that designing a player in his likeness seems like a no-brainer, I think only iriver could come up with something like this. More straight-laced companies probably would have produced a rectangular device with an image of Mickey either printed or engraved on it. Build quality is in keeping with iriver’s usual high standards, so even though the Mickey Mouse Mp3 is fashioned entirely out of glossy plastic, nothing about it feels cheap or fragile.
Anyway, good for the brilliant and marvelous Mickey Mouse Mp3, and other Cute MP3 Player or Digital Mp3 Player and good for fantastic and superb Disney! And by the way, I have dreamed I listened to music by the awesome Mickey Mouse Mp3 and relished in the melodious melody. That’s really cool and amazing!
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