Introducing of the Aula Led Backlit Gaming Keyboard:

aula led backlit gaming keyboard

aula led backlit gaming keyboard

Aula led backlit gaming keyboard is an ultra thin keyboard which offers a wide variety of interesting features to its users. Its descriptions and specifications are given below which include its structure details as well as technical details.

Specifications of Aula led backlit gaming keyboard

This sleek electronic product has a delicate look and great visual appeal. The keyboard is ultra thin and comes with a large palm rest which makes gaming comfortable and relaxed. The keys are compact and responsive and user friendly. The product comes with 3 colours Led backlighting options which are blue, red and pink. These can be adjusted as per the user’s whims and fancies. The lighting options make it easy to work in the night and add to the visual appeal of the product. The technical specifications of the product include USB connector, 104 keys with 6 multimedia keys with the FN key to use and no battery required. A key route of 2.00 mm and key force of 50+/-5g is set for the product. The rated voltage and current on the product is DC 5V/250mA. The keyboard comes with the dimensions of 458.5 length x 190 width x 30 height mm. the product weight is around 683 grams. The Aula led backlit gaming keyboard can be bought straight off the shelf and comes with a user manual and a 6 ft cable. It is compatible with Windows 10, XP, Mac OS and other operating systems also.

A consumer opinion:

The great looking Aula led backlit gaming keyboard comes in 3 beautiful colour ways and has a wide gamut of features to offer to its users. The basic features that a person looks for in a gaming keyboard be it a wired one or a wireless one is good quality, high efficiency, good comfort which comes at an affordable cost. Here, we find out if the features offered by this gaming keyboard are worth the money that one spends on it or not.


The keyboard comes with great looks and features as per me and there is no glitch as such. Some people did report the slight change in the keyboard with the altered position of the key I. if that is not really a problematic issue, then it’s hard to find a deal breaker in this case, especially for the cost it is available for. Also the keyboard is missing extra buttons like you can find on a normal gaming keyboard.


this gaming keyboard fulfilled all the pre requisites that were in my mind for the perfect gaming keyboard. If we start with the looks of this keyboard by Aula, then we sure have a winner here. The keyboard is sleek and stylish and feels great in quality. The keys are made of plastic and not have any silicone padding. The overall quality of the material used and the performance of the keys are highly satisfactory. The backlight adds to the beauty of the product with 3 choices of colours. Apart from the chic looks, the keys press quite nicely are indeed very responsive. This is an important point in the checklist which I just ticked. The package comes with a key pucker and 8 clear replacement keys also. The soft and smooth operational keys make gaming fun while using the Aula led backlit gaming keyboard. The keys are well arranged with just the new location of I key in the keyboard. The keys are laser engraved and the backlighting is just perfect. The lighting can be adjusted between the three shades available and also can be turned off, slow pulsing, medium or high. It’s indeed a treat to be working on this one during night time.



It is a good bet for its cost of $30

Backlighting options are amazing

Great feel of the keys

Comfortable to work for long hours


Keyboard layout is a little different

Programmable Buttons missing

A final word:

The Aula led backlit gaming keyboard is a great treat in performance as well as looks. For this kind of package many people would easily shed more bucks without a doubt. Here, this keyboard offers a great deal in terms of performance as well as affordability. People who are diggers for backlighting options would surely find this gaming keyboard worthy of a sure shot buy.

aula led backlit gaming keyboard

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