Azio Levetron L70




pressure point




extra buttons





  • nice price
  • nice background lightning
  • Nice design


  • missing macros
  • missing software
  • missing more multimedia buttons
Azio Levetron L70

azio levetron l70

The producer Azio is not really well-known but I’ ve bought
the Azio Levetron L70 because the price is really cheap and it have
a background lightning of the keys. Here I want to show you if this keyboard can convince me.
First I want to tell you the technical details about the gaming keyboard.

Technical details about the gaming keyboard:

The azio levetron l70 come with a blue backlight color which shine on all buttons.
Addional to the normal buttons the keyboard has a volume adjustment knob.
The keyboard come with a cord lenght of 5 feet. All things in short.

  • blue backlight color
  • cord lenght: 5 feet
  • volume adjustment knob

My review of the gaming keyboard:

For the price of less than $30 we can’t expect that we get the same thing like you
get from razer or logitech for 70 or 80 bucks.
So let us take a look on the features that this board have.
The keyboard works on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 (tested on virtual maschine).
Also the producer say that it work on Linux and on Mac.
The color of the backlight is not changeable in the brightness you can only turn it on or off.
The azio levetron l70 don’t create any heating through the lightning.
The pressure point of the keys is ok it’s but not as good as on a logitech gaming keyboard.
The quality is good and for a cheap price looks it really professional.
After the unpacking the product smells plasty and after some days it will go away.

Cons of the Azio Levetron L70

The plastic-smell after unpacking the product. Less good pressure point of the keys.

Advantages of the Azio Keyboard

Backlighted keys with on and off function. The brightness is well appointed.
With the volume knob you can adjust the sound volume of your OS.

Conclusing of the Review:

The Azio Levetron L70 is in relating to the price a really good product.
Sure you have some missing thing in the ratio to a expensive keyboard like
RGB lightning, dimming of the background light and macro keys.But if you don’t need these things this keyboard is a worth of consideration.
You can find this keyboard on amazon for a price of $29,99.

azio levetron l70.1

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