Best 3 Gaming Mouses Indroducing:

In this post I will show you the best gaming mouses for a budget of 20-50 dollars.
I will show you my 3 best favourite mouses for this amount.
In my review we have the Mad Catz R.A.T.3  the Redragon M801 Mammoth and the Razer Deathadder.
First I will show you every mouse with its advantages and disadvantages.
And at the end I will compare them for you and make a result which of them is the best purchase decision.

Mad Catz Rat 3:

The Mad Catz Rat 3 is a gaming mouse which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.mad catz rat9
It comes in choice of 4 colours which are matte and glossy black, red and white.
It have a gaming grade optical sensors of 3500 dpi for high precision game playing.
The range of the dpi settings is between 450 to 3500 dpi.
One can set and toggle 4 custom dpi settings per profile.
With software you can create the profiles with different dpi settings and customize the extra buttons for your games.
The mad catz rat 3 have 3 programmable buttons for gaming settings to adjust your sensitivity.
One of these buttons is the precision Aim button you press it to get a lower dpi for a short time to
get more precision in e.g. a multiplayer-shooter-game if you scope at something.
The rat 3 is a wired gaming mouse and works with a USB 2.0 connector.
The sizes of the mouse are 4.6×3.4×8.8 inches (L/W/H).
Now we go to the strenghts and the weaknesses of the mad catz rat 3.

Disadvantages of the Mad Catz Rat 3:

The Rat 3 is the smallest version of the mad catz gaming series and in this way it is the cheapest and also the quality
and the possibilities at the rat 3 are limited. For example: with the rat 5 can you change the lenghts of your mouse with a special
wheel at the rat 3 you need to unscrew the mouse to change the lenghts.
The next point of bad things is about an optical thing, the design of the mouse.
The Mad Catz Rat 3 have a special form and looks like science fiction. And so you get problems to clean the mouse if dust is in the
spaces (A tip is to use a cotton bud).
And here we go to the streghts of the mouse.

Advantages of the Mad Catz Rat 3:

You  can change the size of the mouse and have 5 different lenghts to change it, but you need to unscrew the mouse with a cross recess.
In a normal use of the mouse for office work you can change the speed to around 700-900 dpi with your personal settings and for gaming you can
use up to the 3500dpi but i think its too fast for the normal games so I prefered to use the mouse with max. 1600dpi if I played shooters with it.
The design is really different to all the other gaming mouses and it a real eyecatcher.
The mouse is really comfortable in use and you can use it also for long time applications like office works.

Mammoth M801 Mammoth:

The mammoth M801 Mammoth is a gaming mouse which is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.redragon mammoth
The mammoth come with 9 programmable buttons and with a 16400 dpi laser sensor.
With the software of redragon can you program the speed (dpi) and the buttons.
The dimensions of Redragon Mammoth are: 121mm length, 81 mm width and height of 41 mm and the product weight is around 155 grams.
The redragon m801 is a wired mouse which is connected with a golden USB 2.0 connector.

Disadvantages of the redragon mammoth:

The redragon mammoth is really cheap for the reason how much it costs and which components are included.
So the producers saved money at the case of the mouse. The mouse is one plastic part and it takes time to get comfortable with it.
You can not change the length of the mouse. If you have a big hand its difficult to get comfortable with it.
Another thing is the high dpi sensor creates lags if you use in high dpi  (+2000dpi) but this is really annoying if you play.

Advantages of the Redragon Mammoth:

The biggest advantages is the price of the redragon mammoth with not even 30 dollars.
Works with a polling rate of 1000Hz.
You have 9 costumizeable button for your gaming expirience andreally fast sensor with 16400dpi but in normal use you only need 700 dpi and for gaming
I used only 1600dpi cause I can’t handle a higher speed. The feeling getting better how longer you use it.

Razer Deathadder:

The Razer Deathadder is a wired gaming mouse which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.razer-deathadder-review
It has a gold plated USB 2.0 connector. The laser of this mouse works with max. 3500 dpi.
The deathadder have 2 programmable buttons. Razer have a software to adjust the dpi and the button settings.
The dimensions of the gaming mouse are 5 x 1.7 x 2.7 inches (L/W/H).
Now to disadvantages of the mouse

Disadvantages of the Razer Deathadder:

The mouse have high sensitiv buttons which create unwanted clicks and interactions for the first times.
You need to install the razer software before you can use the mouse. The deathadder have often the doubleclick problem.
You only click the button once but it count it for twiche. I used my mouse only for some weeks so I dont get the problem it takes month
till the problem appears.

Advantages of the Razer Deathadder:

The Deathadder is really accurate and works fast.
It has a ergomic form and can be used for a long time without pains.
It looks great and you can make hundreds of background colors for the lightning of the mouse.


In this test we have 2 winner:
One winner for the category best mouse and other one for quality/price ratio.And here we go.

Best Mouse between 20-50$:


The best mouse between 20-50$ is in my opinion the Mad Catz Rat 3.
It’s the only mouse which can be changed in the lenght. The only flaw of the mouse is the
thing you can’t clean the mouse in an easy way. You need a cotton bud to clean it.
But you have 3500dpi sensitivity which is more than enough.
A really interesting design and is comfortable in use.
With a price of $49,99 on Amazon
the Mad Catz Rat 3 is a cheap gaming mouse with much setting option for gaming and office work.
Here can you find more information about the Mad Catz Rat 3:
Full Review of the Mad Catz Rat 3.
Buy this mouse on amazon:
Find the Mad Catz Rat 3 on Amazon

Best quality/price ratio:

redragon mammoth 16400 dpi 1000Hz

The best quality/price ratio have the redragon mammoth with only $27.99 on Amazon
this gaming mouse is really cheap and if you don’t want you use the mouse with a fast
speed (more than 2000 dpi) and your hand has a normal size and you don’t any lightning or
special design this mouse is for you.
Here can you find more information about the Redragon Mammoth:
Full Review of the Redragon Mammoth.
Buy this mouse on amazon:[amazon asin=B00GU4F4OM&template=add to cart]

The looser in this test was the Razer Deathadder.
The Deathadder can only be used with the razer software.
The mouse buttons are too easy to click and create unwanted clicks.
Most times the double click problem is coming after some month.
Positive things about the Deathadder are the speed sensity of 3500dpi, the polling of 1000Hz, the ergonomical form and the lightning of the mouse in more than 16 Million Colors.