Choosing a Wireless Mouse

As technology advances, it is easier every year to not be tied down by our computers. Laptops allow us to take the entire computer on the go, but what about at home? Many people still enjoy and need desktop computers, but they don’t want to deal with the cords. Wireless accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse, give you as much freedom as possible to get comfy at your computer.

If you are shopping for a wireless mouse there are some things you should keep in mind as you search.

One of the first things you should watch for is compatibility. If a wireless mouse is made by a certain company, it may only work with a certain computer. A wireless mouse that goes to a Mac computer will probably not work with a PC, and vice versa. Make sure the mouse you are looking at is compatible with your computer.

You also need to check on the range of the mouse you are thinking about getting. If you are planning on sitting across the room from your computer while using the wireless mouse, you need to make sure that the signal is strong enough to reach that far.

You will also want to check into the kind of technology the wireless mouse is using. There are multiple types of technology that these mice utilize, the two most popular are USB and Bluetooth. The main drawback to Bluetooth is that the computer you are using has to be Bluetooth enabled, and models more than two years old usually are not.

The most popular type of wireless mouse is the USB connected mouse. These are very easy to use, just plug in and go. There are a few different types of USB mice, and you should just pick the one that you think will work best for you. Optical and laser technology are the most popular, because they are sensitive to the motion of the mouse and work with many surface types.

There are a couple drawbacks to having a wireless mouse. One of them is that you always should have an extra set of batteries for the mouse nearby. This may mean in the drawer of your desk, or in your laptop bag. Sometimes it is difficult to predict when the batteries are going to die, so you always want more in case it happens at an inopportune time.

Another drawback of these mice is that children can easily pick them up and carry them off. If you have kids that are prone to doing things like this, you will need to find a place to put your mouse so it is less likely to disappear on you.
Overall, a wireless mouse is a very convenient piece of equipment. You don’t have any extra cords to deal with, and most mice as so advanced that you aren’t even required to have a mouse-pad anymore.

Wireless mice are actually competitively priced despite the more advanced technology. In fact, unless you plan on purchasing a gaming grade mouse, you’ll be hard pressed to find any hard-wired mice in a computer store today. Since they allow so much freedom and are reliable, most people consider them to be the gold standard. With a little searching, you are sure to find the mouse that will fit your wants and needs.

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