Construction Machinery Tea: Qinghai 7.1 Earthquake Desperately Needed
Yushu in Qinghai Province 7.1 earthquake engineering machinery needed relief (Figure)

Comment Beijing April 14, 2010 7:49 early morning, 7.1-magnitude earthquake occurred Yushu in Qinghai Province. As at 13 o’clock on the on the 14th, Yushu in Qinghai Province earthquake has killed nearly 300 people. According to preliminary statistics, over 8,000 injured. The local armed police soldiers had reached the earthquake zone, but the very lack of Mining Machinery , Lifting And other relief and rescue equipment, the current labor force can only rescue the wounded! Industries and enterprises look to see this information quickly and act!

Machinery industry experienced “economic winter” will usher in the spring after

Comment machinery industry after the 2008 “economic winter”, the usher in the spring of 2010, into a rising cycle. Data show that in 2009 total output value of 1.123658 trillion yuan of industrial machinery industry, new product output value of 228.212 billion yuan, up 52.5%. National Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index in March 2010 to 55.1%, 3.1 percentage points higher last month. The index is based on stabilizing the economy for 13 consecutive months have been critical point in more than 50%, indicating that the overall manufacturing economy continues to maintain the growth momentum, the growth rate significantly.

Domestic market Department of Industry and Information Technology Industry Development Forum held in farm equipment

Comment March 30 afternoon, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, “Agricultural Equipment Industry Development Policy” seminar held in Nanjing. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry, Deputy Director Wang Fuchang, Xin Chenhua researcher, China’s agriculture Machinery Industry Association of high element En, vice chairman of the Fanjing Long, Hong Xian China, attended and delivered speeches.

Eliminate backward production capacity led birth colored M & A wave Restructuring

Comment April 6, “the State Council on Further Strengthening the elimination of backward production capacity to work notice” (the “Notice”) issued, but the secondary market is not as imaginary as a ripple. Indeed, the topic of eliminating backward production capacity has hardly new, back in the industry “Promotion Plan”, 2009, the Department letter of 12 monthly wage “for the central region of raw materials and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment program” (the “Programme”), the , the elimination of backward production capacity for the implementation of all the groundwork well, the major news media speculation this another speculation, the “notice” only limited time and the norms of the phase-out standards.

Enterprise Connection China’s first Euro

bulldozers pushed off the assembly line in the mountains (Figure)

Comment Recently, China’s first SD16-3 (CE) Euro Bulldozer In Shantui Developed. SD16-3 (CE) Bulldozer The mountains onto the target the international market, and actively respond to challenges and competition from the market, always maintain technological superiority in the industry, designed to enhance the core competitiveness for Europe and the United States developed a new product developed countries and regions.

Print media: Sany Heavy Industry to be 70 million U.S. dollars plant in India

Comment According to Indian media reports, Sany Heavy Industry (600,031) of the major shareholders?? Sany Group invested 70 million U.S. dollars in Chakan near Pune, India has built a plant, the company is currently looking for more factories are in India. According to reports, the investment by the 31 Group, Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd completed. Alleged that India will become the 31 groups plan the next five years overseas export base.

Special attention Guangfeng emerging feature of the village over a hundred broad construction machinery market

Comments into Guangfeng digging machine Village, linen village, hair Village, seedling village, dotted with villages fruit industry, their own characteristics. This is the county’s rural industry and by energetically adjust planting structure, the implementation of “One Village One Product, One Village One Industry” brings the gratifying changes. Currently, the 106 features have emerged in the professional village, which provincial demonstration of a village, one product 86, an annual turnover of more than 200 million yuan, per-capita net income of farmers reached 5,865 yuan.

Economic restructuring and adjustment of the capital market: more opportunities than challenges

Comment in the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the national Government immediately launched a series of rescue policy to effectively prevent the rapid economic decline. At present, concern for the market, “exit strategy”, we see the need to firmly grasp the economic stimulus point out the four conditions: to correctly judge whether the economy is really continues to improve; social capital investment is recovered to pre-crisis normal levels; export demand is really to restore; and Japan and other developed countries, the United States and Europe Financial Stimulus withdrawal signs appear.

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