Different Ways to Clean a Sticky Keyboard

Keyboards become dirtier over time. The condition worsens as users often smoke and eat near the computer. If this peripheral becomes quite dirty, the performance gets worse as well. The most common problems caused by dirty keyboards are stuck keys, dead buttons, and repeated characters. The owners should learn how to clean a sticky keyboard on a regular basis. This helps them prevent those problems from happening. What is the best method to clean a sticky keyboard? Well, there are many ways to clean a keyboard. People only need to choose the best one based on their condition. Here are for the examples.

Cleaning by Hand

This is the most common way to clean the keyboard. What people must do is to disconnect their keyboard from the PC. It’s quite important to unplug it before cleaning it. It prevents the risk of shocking. It also helps prevent electronic components of the keyboard from damages. If necessary, they must use a plastic bag to wrap the cable so that it won’t get wet. Hold the unplugged keyword and turn it upside down. They can knock it out a little bit. This helps eradicate debris in an efficient manner. This should be done on a trash can. Cleaning the keyboard between the keys is quite challenging. The simplest way is to use the compressed air.

Compressed air contains harmful chemicals so people must use it carefully. They must make sure to ventilate the area. The alternative way is by using cleaning solution or alcohol. They need to wipe out the area beneath and between the keyboards thoroughly. In this case, they must pry the keyboards off with knife or screwdriver. This should be done neatly. Gentle knocking off the keyboard is useful to clean debris. Even though it’s a quite effective to remove debris, it doesn’t provide a good result when it is about a sticky keyboard. Alcohol or other cleaning solutions will take care of that issue, actually.

Cleaning by Using Dishwasher

They can also use the dishwasher to clean a keyboard. It’s one of the most popular methods of how to clean a sticky keyboard, in fact. If a keyboard is quite dirty, cleaning by hand isn’t enough. The keys should be inserted in the dishwasher. That means people should remove the entire keys from the keyboard. It’s important to remove the electronic parts out of the keyword first. Next, they should put the keys into a basket and place them in the dishwasher with detergent on a normal cycle. One thing, pull them out before the dry cycle. Otherwise, they will melt.

This method is considered risky. That’s why people must ensure they have got a spare keyboard. It takes days before they can use the keyboard again after it has been washed. Some keyboards aren’t suitable for dish soap. It can be a quite trouble, for sure. The best setting is a simple rinse. The dishwasher has lots of settings, after all. Heated, pan, and heavy wash settings may damage or even destroy the keyboard. Also, it must be washed on the top rack only. Don’t put something else inside. This may damage the keyboard. It has better to read the procedure before applying this type of cleaning method.

Cleaning by Using a Mini Vacuum Cleaner

This one is also popular when it is about cleaning a keyboard. Even though a mini vacuum cleaner isn’t as strong as the regular version, it does clean the keyboard efficiently. It doesn’t take too much electricity, as well. The cleaner is mostly made of plastic so it’s very lightweight. That means people can carry it around. It’s useful not only to clean keyboard but also other things such as shelves, book, desks, and others. Since it can’t suck as strong as standard vacuum cleaners, it may take much time to completely clean the keyboard. For some people, this method isn’t quite reliable. It can’t even clean sticky keyboards.

Final Thought:

In summary, there are different ways how to clean a sticky keyboard. Each method has its own benefit. The simplest procedure is by using hand. It’s because people don’t need many tools to clean the keyboard. It’s quite effective to clean debris out of the keyboard. Still, it can’t do much in some cases such as sticky keyboards. For thorough cleaning, they can use a dishwasher instead. This is a fast and satisfying cleaning method. However, it may damage the keyboard if it isn’t done properly. Some keyboards just can’t withstand the dishwasher and dish soap. Not to mention it takes much time to safely use the keyboard upon the dishwashing.

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