Ergonomic Keyboard Review

I spend lot of time in front of my computer, typing the documents, using my keyboard, dragging and dropping the data using the mouse. I use all the usual office programs to write documents, create presentations, and also browse the web, check my mail and so on. Work is stressful! I spend lots of time typing and clicking.

That’s when I began to have neck, back, and wrist strain along with all types of stiffness. I started research on these issues; finally I found that my work setup was causing me bodily harm. Then I started searching for the ergonomic work setup. I started finding information for ergonomic products. Finally I made the switch to  ergonomic products for my office. This switch to ergonomics workspace has reduced my strain and pain.

I am going to give a review on my new ergonomic keyboard; the thumb rule for a good ergonomic keyboard is that it shouldn’t allow your elbows to come very close.  You will find this type of keyboard in Laptops. You may notice the curvature, which is more ergonomic. If your keyboard is a rectangle shape, then it is not an ergonomic keyboard because human fingers vary in length on both hands.

These curved keyboards are very easy to use, because the keys are not laid in grid pattern. If you want to purchase one,  select one that is suitable to you. A true ergonomic keyboard layout is suitable to all. You can easily press the keys without getting the common repetitive stresses.

Now, I’m going to provide the information about specific keyboard I use, after much research and personal recommendations from professional ergonomists. The name of the ergonomic keyboard is SC2.0 Goldtouch Ergonomic Smart Card Keyboard. This awesome ergonomic peripheral contains smart card technology, like Star Trek type stuff! You can easily adjust it to suit your needs. It is user friendly, and very comfortable to use. This particular ergonomic keyboard provides the two levels protection necessary to be suitable on my desk. I highly recommend you look at saving your wrists and elbows by putting one of these on your desk!

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