External Laptop Keyboard
My young brother has bought a new computer keyboard for his laptop. At the first, I was confused why he got an extra keyboard. Later, I had the answer. For he works in the campus office, and his laptop always stay at the office. But he types a lot. That made his dell 6000 Keyboard out of burden. Some keys switched to retirement. Then he chose to get an external keyboard. On the one side, it can save certain money. On the other hand, external keyboard is stable than the one itself.

Once you work in a fixed location with your notebook computer like home, office or other place, its better to have an external laptop keyboard. Usually, desktop requires an external one to prolong the time of our laptop, while, an external keyboard is a good way to save money for a broken laptop keyboard.

To have a look of the price of Compaq NX6115 Keyboard, Gateway 8011381R Keyboard, and HP 441541-001 Keyboard, its obvious that they are more than 50 dollars and even higher of the original one. What if it got broken again? Every time I type on the keyboard, I am too sensitive to hit strongly. As to the computer keyboard, I have no such worry. Then how to select an external laptop keyboard? USB interface is essential as far as my concern. Generally, the USB interface can be seen on the side of laptop. And its easy to set keyboard with a USB interface. The current keyboard products are not all are used USB interface. There are a large number of PS/2 interface computer keyboards. So we should make it clear while we buy an external keyboard. Second, the size of laptop keyboard should be taken into account. The exact size can have a better sense while hit the keys. Not like compaq NX6105 Keyboard, its so vulnerable to play games.

Its not so difficult to select one for your notebook. And I have made my mind to get an external one to release my laptop keyboard. I will have a try and hope share more information with you later.

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