Fix Laptop Keyboard by Hand

As a veteran of laptop user, the common problems of the keyboard are as followed: the cap off, stent broken, water splashing, and dust covering etc. It’s the same to PA-1900-18H2 AC Adapter, I can solve the ordinary problems that occurred to it. When you come across this situation, you can handle it by yourself.
Here show how to fix the fallen keycap of the laptop keyboard. On the one hand, it’s not professional work. On the other hand, you can save some money.

First, make sure the support has been installed correctly. Before fixing the cap, you can use your fingernail lightly to check the support. If it can normally move up and down with no problem, you can directly stick the cap to the support. If not, you should first make sure the good installation of the support. Otherwise the cap won’t work well.

Here tells you more about how to fix the cap. When you make sure the cap support is in good condition, you can take actions. Notice that the cap has a raised center. And the keycap support center has a concave part of rubber of elasticity. These two parts should correspond to each other tightly and correctly. But you should be very gentle to put it to the support. The keycap back bulge corresponds to the middle of the concave part of rubber elasticity; you can feel them properly aligned. Then press the keycap, it will tightly connect with each other.

If the keycap support is broken, that will be more troublesome. But you can use the other keycap support to replace this one. While the replaced one should be the seldom used key. It’s also difficult for a non-professional user. The best way is to take the keyboard to the repair store.  Just as my PA-1900-18H2 AC Adapter, it’s so dedicated inside. So I have to send it to the experts instead of by myself. That is dangerous. To the worst, your laptop will stop working.

Now you have got the right way to fix your keycap.

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