Gaming Headset

It's necessary to choose the the right headset for your work or gaming.headphone
You want to have a comfortable fit a quality sound and maybe a good microphone and a good price.
All these factors can be really different for each person and in this post I will help you to find your perfect one.
The price is the first criteria you have to take a look at.
I divided the Headsets in price categories:






Wireless and Wired Headsets

There are many things that is intercessional for wireless devices.
First the delay between cable and wireless adapter is not recognizeable only on some special test (really low difference). You have much elbowroom and addicted to your house or room and the wireless method you can bridge distances of up to 15 m. The bad things about wireless headsets are that they are much expensiver and you need to load the battery. An other negative effect is that the headset get heavier throught the use of batteries.
For example (wired: logitech g430 = 255g / wireless: logitech g930 = 320g). But the weight on the head is not unpleasant if you use the g930.

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Buttons on the Headset:

Gaming Headsets have the habit that they full of special functions. Here they have most time the music function button like
play/pause, last title, next title, mute microphone, and most times a wheel for managing the volume. Sometimes they also have the possibility for
programable buttons with macros. Most of these things can be really useful if you use or want to use them.

Console Headsets:

Some headsets can be used not only for the computer but also for the playstation and the xbox.
Most time you need a special adapter for the use on the console.

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Sound quality:

The sound quality on the most headsets on the market from a price of 30$ have good speakers.
Sure you can't compare them to an expensive studio headset but for the use them for hearing music and for gaming and
chating with friends they are absolutely perfect. But also here you have differences.
If you play shooters where you need fast movings its necessary to act really fast.
A normal headset works in stereo. With the expensiver headsets you have 7 speakers for a
7.1 sound system. Here its much preciser to locate noises cause you have the 7 direction.
The directions are North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West and North-West.
So its much easier to make the right turn in a really short time. What's really necessary for online-games
Also this 7.1 sound effect is really impressing if you looking a movie.
For hearing music its better to use the headset in stereo.

Microphone quality:

The microphone in the headset is for connect to other people via sykpe, teamviewer and other software.
You can't use them to make professional singing and you can't replace a normal microphone.
But in the microphones are always differences between the prices. If you use a cheap headphone it have usually a bad microphone
because the focus is on the speakers. I test the microphone either with the skype sound test or with a screen capture program like camtasia.
At the cheap microphone you have most time a static in the background and if you speak loud its uncomfortable and the output scrapes and hurts in the ears. So my tip if you focus for a good microphone sound quality you should take a headset from $40+.

An overview of all headsets according to prices can you find here: