Introduction of Logitech G35 VS G930:


logitech g35 vs g930

A few months back, I bought these two types of headset.
Initially, I thought that, there is a difference in the price range, but it has totally different variations between these two headsets.
But the major difference of Logitech G35 vs G930 is variation in features, so both of them become better to use because of its unique aspects.
Now I can explain the different features of each Logitech headsets below in the detailed manner.

Logitech G930:

The Logitech G930 is a wireless connection headset, which keeps playing your game for up to 10 hours. It is a lag-free, speed and high quality headsets which can be efficient to use for all PC users. This affordable wireless headset produces good sound quality for both gaming and VOIP applications as well. It is designed with a decent solid feel so you can find the high quality audio output from this headset.

Headset type: Pressure gradient electrets condenser

Impedance: 32 ohms

Sensitivity: 90dB

Minimum frequency: 20Hz to 20 KHz

Maximum frequency: 50 KHz

Driver: 1.6 (40mm)

Test conditions: 3.0V, 2.2K Ohm

Disadvantages of the G930:

  • The Logitech G930 is a good piece of electronic device, but it also has some limitations include,
  • The poor microphone quality is the most real drawback so it could be a quite inconvenience to use.
  • The G930 headset is not able to connect the headset and dongle to each other.
  • In some cases, the computers may not recognize the headset to access.
  • Frequently, the headset disconnects so again wants to reconnect it.

Advantages of the G930:

  • The Logitech wireless headset is very comfortable to use, which works for everything from cinematic gaming to watching movies.
  • The battery life is good, it withstands for up to 10 hours with a single charge.
  • The surround sound emulation is coming from all directions, so it is nice to hear the music.

Logitech G35 :

The Logitech G35 comes with amazing surround sound feature that can be designed with latest technology. You can use this headset through USB connection and also analog connectors allow you to use this gaming headset with your MP3 player. The G35 has a mute function option to mute or unmute the conversation directly from the device. It included ear pads along with the headset when you are buying.

The great thing about Logitech G35 is working without any batteries so you no need to worry about recharging the battery. The technical details of G35 PC gaming headset are as follows,

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Frequency response: 20 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Sound Output Mode: Surround sound

Response bandwidth: 100 Hz

Surround system class: 7.1 channel

Service and support: two year warranty

Disadvantages of the G35:

  • The Logitech has some unnecessary features which are not essential to use in the headset.
  • It has a poor microphone audio quality function so the listening experience is very poor.
  • The price of this gaming headset is comparatively higher than any other headsets, but it does not have enough important features.
  • When using this headset, it does not stay on constant at your head so a little bit inconvenient to use.

Advantages of the G35:

  • The Logitech G35 is specially designed for gaming which gives a cinematic gaming experience to the users.
  • It has several functions like G-Keys, clear USB audio and a very good sound.
  • The programmable keys help to fast access on ear controls.
  • It has compatible to work with PS4.

Finally, we come to the end of the comparison of these two headsets to a compromise.

G930: This headset is very comfortable and most convenient to use because it fully designed with wireless technology. The benefits of using this headset are saving more power with the help of an awkward power button.

G35: It is wired technology, which has only the USB connection to connect to the devices but there is no other option to connect devices. Also, it is a little bit complicated to use due to unfit of headset on your head.

When it comes to finishing up the section of Logitech G930 vs G35, I think that the Logitech G930 is a best choice for me because of its amazing features such as high frequency microphone, a rechargeable battery, wirelessly used anywhere, a battery level indicator, a lay-flat design and so on.

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