Gaming Mouse Palm Grip

palm grip 1Choosing the best mouse for you would depend on a lot of things. This is an important decision especially if you are a gamer. A mouse is pivotal to how comfortable you would be able to handle your tasks on the computer. As such, you should always make sure that the mouse of your choosing would feel like the extension of your own hand. One of the most common types of mouse grip would be the palm grip. In this style, you would be placing your hand flat on the surface of the mouse. As the name would suggest, your palm needs to grip the surface of the mouse tightly, and this is achieved by extending your hand so that it molds itself into the shape of the mouse.

You would additionally have to place your fingers flat upon the body of the mouse so that you would be able to support your grip better. This style of gripping the mouse is common not only amongst gamers but also people who use computers for other reasons such as working or editing videos. With palm grip, you would be utilizing your middle fingers as well as your pointer finger to click on the left and the right buttons of the mouse. To scroll, most people utilizing this style would use their middle finger. As such, pretty much all of your hand would be playing a part in controlling the motions of this type of mouse grip. On the other hand, although palm grip is very comfortable, this type of grip could slow your movements, which could be a problem especially if you need to move quickly and execute complicated maneuvers the likes of which you would often have to during action-based games.

Things to Know about Using Palm Mouse Grip

A good palm grip mouse should have a shape that would be able to mold itself into the palm of the users seamlessly. On top of that, it should be solid enough to support the weight of the hand, and it should have a great sensor that can sense even the slightest of movements and synchronize perfectly with them. Because users of palm grip style would often be slower in terms of gaming, it is important for the mouse to be especially responsive. Below are some of the best palm grip mouse options currently available that you should consider.

One of the best-rated palm grip mouse models would be the Logitech G700. This mouse is praised due to its marvelous design, which is perfect for people who prefer the palm grip. Every contour seems planned in order to give maximum comfort to the user. The buttons are also spaced at the perfect distance, so you should be able to access them without any difficulties. You should be able to utilize this mouse for just about any kind of games, even MMOs, which are known to be some of the most difficult games to play using a mouse. Logitech G700 is the perfect palm grip mouse for MMOs because it is not too large and yet can provide all the functions of a larger mouse with no problem at all. On the other hand, like all other things, the Logitech G700 does not come without its own caveats, which in this case would be very apparent for players that play World of Warcraft because connecting to your account is somewhat difficult using this mouse. Also, the button that is supposed to support your thumb is not solid enough and may cause some discomfort along the way, but that should be negligible altogether.

Razer Naga is another palm grip mouse that is highly praised by many users. It has a competitive advantage compared to the Logitech G700 in terms of detail and customization because its thumb buttons can be programmed, which provides a great incentive for expert players that would like to be able to handle their mouse and in extension their gaming style better. On top of that, Razer Naga is also a wonderful mouse for MMO games, much like the Logitech G700. This is not a feature that all mouse models can boast. It takes a special type of mouse to be able to handle MMO games, especially for users of palm grip. On top of that, you would be able to further customize this mouse using a software that is very easy to use. Another point that should be given to the Razer Naga would be the keymap additions that make MMO gaming all the more fun if you choose to use this mouse. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to using this type of mouse that should be noted beforehand. For one, although Razer Naga is perfect for palm grip users, if you suddenly wish to change your grip into the claw style, it would be very difficult and uncomfortable. Also, although Razer Naga is perfect in every way for MMO games, the fact is that it is not all that suitable for games of other genres.

Another mouse that should be noted by palm grip gamers would be the Mionix Naos 7000. This mouse is unique because it is ergonomic. Gamers would more often than not develop pain or problems in their hands and fingers later on in life due to excessive use of the mouse. No matter how comfortable the mouse is, you would have to bend your hand and fingers into awkward shapes in order to handle it, and that would cause problems in the long run. Luckily, Mionix Naos 7000 has been introduced in order to lessen the fear on that front. It has a unique design that should allow you to place your palm comfortably on it, and you would be able to utilize all of your fingers to control the mouse, which would put less strain on any one of your fingers. This mouse is also equipped with a great sensor that would allow you to lessen the famous caveat of palm grips further. You would be able to move faster even by using palm grips with the help of the state of the art sensor.


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