Logitech G602










pressure point





  • nice design
  • led on the top battery status
  • nice price
  • up to 250 hours use with one full battery
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • working while charging


  • only 2500 dpi, but for me its ok

Best supporter for to handle any gaming situation


logitech g602

One of the latest innovations in the computer world is the wireless gaming mouse that has entirely replaced the traditional mouse. In the gaming mouse contains the optical technology through that it can easily identify or detect the mouse movements accurately.

Technological advancement of the G602:

The Logitech G602 deal with two standard batteries and it provides the great confidences to the players to play any gaming situations. It’s having the adjustable weight set up which means you can remove one battery to balance the weight of the product. In the wireless mouse holds the 250 to 2500 DPI tracking resolution. The Light emitter and the light detector are one of the useful technological supports of the gaming mouse. G602 hold the highly responsive USB data format for 16 bits and also it acquires the USB report rate up to 500 reports. It can perform effectively in the operating system of the windows 7, 8 and the vista and it also having the better platform compatibility with the Mac operating system. You can use the mouse for 250 hours without the need of charging by means of the single AA battery yields the 125 hours of the actual gaming.

Review of the Logitech G602 product:

Logitech having the reasonable price and it provides greater performance go for a long way. Design and form factor is the major source of Logitech G602 test for to receive the more number of superior comments from the users. In the Logitech mouse provides the support to create the best way to control my laptop effectively. In the G602 mouse does not have the three programmable options this would makes the disappointment of the users. Once the software is boosted u and then you may receive or access the host of features, but it is not possible to test in unusual ways. In the software can automatically detects the relevant gaming profile

Demerits of the Logitech:

In the Logitech G602 obtain the various salient features in it but at the same time it has some negative aspect.

  • The main Logitech G602 disadvantage of the wireless mouse are more expensive than wired mouse.
  • As well as it requires more effort to process the function of the mouse effectively. For such reason every initial user may feel hard while using the wireless mouse at first time.

Vital benefits offered by the G602 wireless mouse:

Advantages are the important thing for to increase the performance of the product s as well as the customer satisfaction so that here you may get some of the merits follow in the G602.

  • Multiple thumb buttons provide the customer control to the users it is the important advantage of the Logitech G602.
  • In the G602 carry the better button placement for the excellent DPI switching so that it provide the more comfort to the users while using the mouse for their need.
  • You can easily pack the mouse with your laptop without the hassle of wires and it provides the best support to the right handlers

In the G602 is the first wireless gaming mouse with the exclusive delta zero sensor optimization. It. is the main advantage of the mouse because it provides the great difference between the Logitech G602 and other gaming mice. Users of this gaming mouse get the maximum support to play as enjoyable as possible.

Final statement about the product:

According to the features and the functions of the Logitech wireless mouse, conclude that it contains the enduring battery so that you can use the mouse continuously for 125 hours without intervention. In the Logitech G602 is the better wireless mouse that I have tested and the solid design of the mouse provides the faster and effective performance of the mouse. Through the on board service of the G602 you can save more number of data. In the same time lack of three programmable buttons provide the disappointment to the people and the DPI of 2500 makes the low of powers usage with the large monitors.


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