Utech Smart Venus




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  • precise and fast sensor
  • nice design
  • nice price
  • customize lightning


  • minimum 1000 dpi
  • macro programmed keys create a delay
  • some thumb buttons wiggle

I tested the MMO Gaming Mouse Utech Smart Venus for more than 5 weeks.utech smart venus1
First I want to tell you about the technical details of the mouse

Technical Details about the Utech Smart Venus

The gaming mouse come with 18 programmable buttons and with 5 savable memory profiles.
A weight tuning set (2,4g x 8) and with RGB LED with 16 million colors that shine on the thumb buttons, on the mouse wheel and on the logo.
The mouse works with a laser sensor of 16400 dpi. A led on the top show you the dpi settings in 5 colors. The mmo gaming mouse come with a customizable software.
With the software you can setting the lightning color the brightness level between off, low, medium and high. And you can create keystroke combo (FN+E) with the software and so you can program every key with combinations. The mouse comes with a polling rate of 1000Hz.

My Review of the MMO Gaming Mouse

In my test I used the operating system Windows 10. After unboxing the
Mouse I installed the software of Utech and it recognized the mouse automatically.
I set up the dpi steps with 1000dpi, 1700dpi, 2500dpi, 3500dpi and 4500dpi.
With the 2 buttons on the top you can change the dpi speed.
You can program all the buttons with macros. The mouse feels very plastic and after unpacking it smells really plastic. But the grip is good and it feels ergonomical and the hand don’t hurt.
The precision of the mouse is good but with more than 4000 dpi the mouse gets imprecise.
The thumb buttons create a click sound when you click them so you have recognize symbol that you touched the button.

Disadvantages of the Gaming Mouse

As I tried to move the thumb buttons to the left and right I saw something unattractive.
I could move the buttons. That’s a sign that the lifetime of these buttons is not really long if the
buttons are in use every day.
After programming the thumb buttons I found out that macro programming of the buttons create a
delay. You can only have a minimum dpi of 1000.
All things in an overview:

  • Thumb buttons wiggle
  • Macro programmed keys create a delay
  • Minimum 1000 dpi

Advantages of the Utech Smart Venus

The sensor is really precise and works really fast.
You have 19 programmable buttons.You have 5-dpi steps for every profile.
Customizable RGB LED lightning in over 16 million colors.
Changeable weight of the mouse with the weight tuning set with 8 x 2,4g.
All advantages in an overview:

  • 19 programmable buttons
  • 5-dpi-steps
  • RGB led lightning with more than 16 million colors
  • Weight tuning set
  • Polling rate of 1000Hz

Conclusing of the Utech Smart Venus:

The Utech Smart Venus is a cheap gaming mouse with a price beneath 40$ and
in this way $5 cheaper than the Logitech g600. It comes with some weaknesses like the clatter of the
thumb buttons and the delay with macros but in the other hand you have a rgb led lightning,
a weight tuning set, a good polling rate to the device with up to 1000Hz.
Also you have 19 programmable buttons and up to 5 dpi steps which you can control with the buttons before
the mouse wheel.

utech smart venus

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