“Non-gamers” may not understand and appreciate it but having the best gaming mouse in the block makes a lot of difference in the gaming world.  This may be the reason why there is a lot of development in the market with regard to this product.  Now, new and improved wireless gaming mouse are available for the needs and budget of different kinds of enthusiasts.

Here are some of the most talked about wireless gaming mouse which you may consider for a possible Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2016 recognition, with some of their advantages and disadvantages:

Mad Catz Rat 9

Some people say that if you want the best, you have to be ready to pay the price for it.  Many gamers love the precision and quality of this wireless gaming mouse also known as the Mad Catz Rat 9.  The buttons, pressure point are all highly-rated.  However, with all these rave, the price to be paid for this exciting gadget pulls back the product in its attempt to be the best in this field.


One thing that would really catch a gamer’s eyes in this mice is its nice design.  This makes it stand out from the other mouse, aside from its changeable widths and lengths.  It should be noted, however, that some may actually find its unique look quite too weird as it is very different from the usual personal computer (PC) mouse.  Moreover, it has four (4) dots per inch (dpi) modes per profile and three (3) profiles are actually possible in this gadget.  But, wait, there is more!  This wireless mouse is also customizable with a software which makes it so much better to meet the requirements of all sorts of users.

Its other features include:

  • Macroprogramming;
  • Four (4) colors aviable; and
  • Addional mouse wheel for thumb.

Again, all of these amazing features all for more cash than what other wireless gaming mouse would ask for.  It may just be worth it, though, especially for high-level gamers.  Another con of this product is that it may be heavy for some players which may bring some inconvenience, too.

Logitech G700s (earlier the G700)

Let us start with the most appealing part of this portion of the review.  Logitech G700s costs more than 100% less than Mad Catz Rat 9.  If it boils down to design, quality and buttons, this Logitech mouse will definitely not back down.  Tjey are actually both highly-rated on those areas.  Did you know that you can bring this mouse to as far as ten (10) meter and you can still use it?

Its other features include:

  • Five (5) dpi steps; and
  • Scrollwheel in two (2) steps working.

So, what is the catch in this wireless Logitech mouse?  Well, it is a dust-catcher.  Also, this gadget is known to be for right-hander.  The battery life is also a problem some claim is apparent after six (6) months from non-stop use.  However, the reaction time of this mouse remains to be unquestionable even if the battery is already low.  Lastly, like the Mad Catz Rat 9, some complain that it is heavy.

Razer Ouroboros

This wireless razer mouse is a little more expesive than the Logitech mouse but still at least fifty percent (50%) cheaper than Mad Catz Rat 9.  Like the first two (2) mouse mentioned above, this one is highly-rated in quality, precision and buttons.  Yes, it is already cool that it is a wireless gaming mouse but it also has a nice design in it.  It is not as heavy as the other two (2), and it also comes with rechargeable batteries.  Also, you do not need a mouse pad with this wireless razer mouse. Because of its sensor, it reacts on every smooth surface.

The problem? Some people still find it expensive, and it is known for consuming so much time of a player when it is being cleaned.  The complex design may also confuse some beginners.

Razer Mamba

Now we go to the last mice in this Wireless Gaming Mouse Review.  This razer mouse is almost double the price of the Logitech mouse, a little more expensive than the Razer Ouroboros, but still cheaper than the Mad Catz Rat 9.  Like the other three (3), it is also highly-rated in quality, precision and buttons.  People also love the nice design in it and its customized led lighting.  Like the others it has a precise sensor.  Moreover, it is customizable with a software like the Mad Catz Rat 9.  This software may be used for its programming.  What’s more? It may be used while it is charging.

It is popular to gamers and is also in the running for the Best Gaming Mouse 2016 award (if there is any) since it has rechargeable batteries, too, like the other razer mouse in this Wireless Gaming Mouse Review.

Unlike the Logitech mouse, it is considered expensive by some gamers and it takes a long time to connect its cable if one feels like switching from wireless to wired.  Lastly, people who have used it for long hours tend to get pressure marks or pains.


  • Mad Catz Rat 9 has all the amazing features of a great wireless gaming mouse but it is heavy and is quite expensive for gamers.
  • Logitech G700s is the least expensive in the four amazing wireless gaming mouse in the list but without sacrificing the quality and precision required by gamers. However, the Logitech mouse is a dust-catcher and is for right-hander.
  • Razer Ouroboros has a very good sensor you would not need a mouse pad. But, cleaning this razer mouse will consume so much of your time.
  • Razer Mamba may be used while charging, but its feature of switching from wireless to wired may take a long time.

Overall we can confidently say that we enjoyed this review. But here are parting questions for you: So, what is your pick?  Will you put more consideration on the price, the weight, the quality, the sensor or the batteries?