g600-vs-nagaGaming mouse creates a new enthusiastic pastime for every gamer in high range. This advanced mouse makes use of sensors to provide faster movements. The Razer Naga is the eventual gaming mouse that you can make utilize of it for online games. After emergence of this mouse it replaces the use of different commands in both keyboard and mouse in one single place. The MMO user friendly interface and multi button grid will help you to have every command in your hands. The Logitech G600 is also another type of gaming mouse in the market. Its internal and external specifications are similar like Razer. Most of the gamers will compare razer naga vs logitech g600 in online to discover the right one for effective gaming performance. The Logitech mouse has minimum customizable buttons and so its price is low that suits to your budget.

Razer Naga and its technical specifications

The Razer Naga is a heavy and large mouse which offers perfect grip for online game players. Every player can obtain an excellent gaming experience by means of this mouse. Even it is a compatible one for left hand gamers so that you can make use of it without any hassle. Naga is comprised with 19 buttons and in that 18 buttons are programmable. Every gamer can make use of this gaming mouse as it is created with 138g weight. The depth of the laser is 2.5mm and its DPI is 100 to 8200. Razer Naga is a wired mouse and you can play your desired game in fast manner. Due to the growth of technology, you can look at this gaming device in different aspects online and know how it helps the gamers to play in a comfortable place as it is a wireless mouse.

Advantages of the Naga

  • Wonderful design that suits for all MMO players
  • Customizable and elegant software
  • Keymaps assist the players to play effectively
  • Twelve separate programmable buttons

As a player it is really good to make utilize of gaming mouse so that you can perform well than other players. Razer Naga outlook structural design will really perfect one for all MMO players. This wired mouse will suit for windows xp and windows 8 operating systems. Even users of windows 10 and mac OS can also make use of this mouse in a hassle free manner. Manufacturers created this mouse with customizable software. Further, maps present in this mouse will help the gamers to play efficiently.

Disadvantages of the Naga

  • It is not useful for non MMO sorts of games
  • Users may feel difficulty in the usage of claw grip as because of its design

Naga mouse is specially designed for MMO games and so it will not be useful for non MMO game types. Further, gamers feel little trouble in claw grip as due to its external design.

Logitech G600 – A wired gaming mouse

The Logitech G600 is a specially designed gaming mouse for MMO genres. It will look similar like a regular mouse but it is programmed with different advanced buttons. The exterior texture of soft rubber will offer excellent grip for all players in high range. You can purchase this product in online and you can specify any colours if exist as per your personal desire. This mouse will really speak about the design as because it is created with attractive and programmable features. If you read the reviews about Logitech g600 vs naga then you can get some overview about it. Logitech has great brightness of mouse lights and it has diverse lightning options. Right-hander players can play effectively with the help of this mouse. If you are a left-hander then you can also utilize this mouse in a hassle free manner. Even you can purchase the wireless mouse in online so that you can play your favourite games in the comfort of any place.

Advantages of the G600

  • Presence of convenient buttons in large array
  • Advanced driver software will help the user to utilize the mouse as per their gaming needs

Disadvantages of the G600

  • Hard to reach numerous buttons
  • Lack of ergonomic grip


The Razer Naga and Logitech G600 are both offer excellent gaming experience to MMO gamers. But if there is a battle between two fighters then there can be only one winner. Razer Naga provides different sorts of variations and designs but it lacks in some short areas like hard in grip etc. As a player you need to select the right gaming mouse for your regular use. In this case, Logitech G600 is really a simple and durable mouse so that it will meet your gaming needs in high range. Further, it offers great warranty and customizable software. In the battle of both mice, the Logitech G600 wins the battle.

Winner is the Logitech G600


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Looser is the Razer Naga:

Also the Razer Naga is a good choice but it failed against the G600.
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