Hamswan is the producer of this headset in this review.HAMSWAN-24GHz-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-for-Xbox-360Xbox-OnePS3PS4-with-Detachable-Microphone-USB-20-Rechargeable-Battery-0-0
This producer is not as well know like razer or logitech, but I give every product the
possible to satisfy me.So let us start with the product details of the Hamswan HUHD.

Product Details:

The headset is an allround headset you can use it for your computer, your console like
XBox One 360 and XBox One and for Playstation 3 and 4. The headphone have a removable microphone
which is plugged in with a 3,5mm jack. The HUHD works with 2,4 GHz wireless technique.
The lithium batteries of the headset works for 12 hours before you need to reload them via a USB cable for 5 hours.
To use the headphone on your XBox you need a microsoft adapter or kinect.
All things in short:

  • headset for pc, xbox and ps4
  • removable microphone
  • wireless with 2,4 Ghz
  • 12 hours working without loading

My review about the Hamswan Headset:

You have 2 ways to connect the adapter of the headset to your device the first way is to use an optical cable and
the second way is to use the mini usb. After connecting the adapter to my computer I pressed the power button on the
headset and it connected  smoothly to my pc and I started hearing music. The fit of the mouse is perfect and you can change the size on
the bow. The 3 pads in the bow keep the headset comfortable on the head. The over ear pads cups the ears and help to generate a strong sound.
The battery life of 12 hours are in a normal volume and with a distance of 2m is easy possible. I checked the time 5-6 times and it stops working in average of
12:30 hours.

Sound and Microphone Quality:

The sound come from two 40mm speakers. It’s always difficult to explain the sound.
The bass is nice and not to hard the sound is clear and the treble is also good.I tested the microphone on skype sound test and my voice was clear but not unreal.
The microphone filters the bass out of the voice. In my opinion thats great.
Also my friends have no problems with m voice on teamspeak.
For making amateur videos for Youtube this microphone is good enough.

Advantages of the Hamswan HUHD

The biggest advantage of this product is the wireless feature where you can move around.
The weight of the headset is really light and in this way comfortable.
The control of the sound is on the right side of the headphone. Here can you control the volume and mute the microphone. The sound is really clear and the bass is nice mixed.

Disadvantages of the Headphone

Creating of heating beneath the ear pads.
The manual of the product is in chinese.


The Hamswan HUHD is a nice gaming headset for a acceptable price.
For this price its difficult to find a nice wireless headset.So this is the cheapest wireless gaming headset actually.


Find the Hamswan HUHD for the cheapest price!