How to Play Keyboard

How to play the keyboard is a question that many people have. You will just have to find what method works best for you. When I first started learning how to play the keyboard, I would listen to a song and pick out certain sounds that I could hear. Some songs are easier than others but that’s a good inexpensive place to start. The next method was the most common, getting a teacher. I actually had two teachers with two different styles of playing. You will have to find a teacher that fits your budget and the style of music you would like to play gospel, country, pop, etc. I took about four lessons from one and about five from the other. I havn’t had one since and I play better than I ever did before. I started using free methods of learning how to play and practice.

The best thing to do, when it comes to practicing anything on the piano keyboard, is to practice slowly. Trust me, you will want to learn as fast as possible but this is not a healthy practice. We’ve all heard the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Well, I am here to tell you that perfect practice makes perfect. So you will want make sure you have it mastered at a slower pace then work your way up in tempo. This was my worst enemy when it came to practice, but it works. So just take your time.

Use Instructional Books

You will eventually be able to progress on your own. After I learned the basics I branched off into my own study and practice. The library became a very useful method. There I found many sources on how to play the keyboard and the different styles of playing. The best part is, anything you get form the library is FREE. You’ll have to be very careful not to over whelm yourself with trying to take in to much information all at once. Write designated times down of when and what to practice each week. Be sure not to check out to many books at a time. Also with this method, you can teach yourself how to read music. This way you can play just about anything that has written music for it.

Use Internet Sites

The last but not least way to learn how to play the keyboard is online. Here you have to be careful not to get tricked into buying information you can get form the library. You don’t always have to buy something online to help you further your learning. You Tube and many other sites have free lessons and information for your viewing pleasure as well. The most important factor when it comes to learning anything is practice. Practice! Practice!

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