HyperX-Cloud-Gaming-Headset-Black-KHX-H3CLWR-0The hyperx cloud gaming headset of kingston is shown on this page in a detailed review.
I tested this product in the daily routine. To skype with friends, with partners, hearing music,
watching movies and playing games. It was in use for around four weeks.
So let us start with the technical details of this headphone.

Technical details of the Kingston Hyperx Cloud:

The hyperx cloud is a wired gaming headset and comes with a removeable microphone (3,5mm jack).
The lenght of the cable is 1 m and in the boxing there is an extension of addional 2m.
The cable is also a 3,5mm jack and in this way its possible to use the headset for your mobile, notebook,
desktop computer, your console like playstation 3 or 4 and for the xbox 360.
But to use the headset on your xbox one you need to buy an adapter.
The headset have two 53mm speakers. The mic have a windshield for better quality.
The kingston hyperx cloud come in two colors. In black and in white.
Plug and Play you don’t need to install software.
All things in an overview:

  • wired gaming headset (cable lenght: max.3m)
  • removeable mic
  • 3,5mm jack connection
  • for pc, android, ipad, ipohne, xbox, playstation
  • 53mm speakers
  • plug and play

My Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset Review:

Here will you find my personal impression of the gaming headset.
I used the headset on my computer with windows 10 on my notebook also with windows 10 and on my smartphone a samsung note 3 with android 5.0.From the computer to the notebook I don’t recognized any differences between the volume and the quality of the sound but on the android smartphone I could.
My smartphone don’t have the new technologies and so thevolume of the sound is even smaller.
The fit and the feeling of the headset is comfortable.
Before connecting the headset with the pc you need to use the steering box which have a volume regulation and a multi-function button for accepting a call or to play/pause a actual music title.
Addional to headset you get this steering box, an extension cable of 2m, a Y cable to get from the mic and audio cable one cable (or splitter cable) for example at the smartphone, a mesh bag, a spear set of the ear cushions. You can also use the headset without the steering box but in this way you can’t control anything at the headphone.

Sound and Microphone Quality:

The sound quality comes from the 2x 53mm drivers. In this price category these are the biggest one.
The sound of the enviroment you can’t here cause the ear pads press with a comfortable
pressure on the ears.In this way we also have better noise generation.
The sound is clear the bass is strong, and the treble is intensive.
The sound is all in all a really nice sound experience.
Now we will come to the microphone quality.
I tested the headset with the sound test of skype and it sounds good.
While speaking with friends via skype and teamviewer there was no problem that they don’t here me or
they don’t understand me. While making videos for youtube (yes i’m making videos for youtube) I checked the sound
quality and it was acceptable. Sure this headset don’t replace a expensive microphone like big
youtubers use, but for the making of hobby videos its more than enough.

Disadvantages of the Kingston Hyperx Cloud:

The biggest con of the headset is that the ear caps or not swiveling.
If you want to use the control box you have a very long cable which is in the most cases too long and creates a trip hazard.

Advantages of the Headset:

The biggest advantage of this headset is are the big drivers of 53mm which create in the
comparison to all other headset a really strong and good sound.
The headset don’t uses any batteries you don’t need to load it.
You can use it for your mobile, your laptop or pc and for the consoles like
xbox 360, xbox one the playstation 3 and playstation 4.
Also an asset is the removable microphone if you want to use it for your
mobile or tablet and your are not at home.
The next big point is the no need of drivers, the plug and play use.
All advantages in short:

  • strongest sound in comparion to other headsets
  • no batteries needed
  • for mobile, tablet, laptop, pc, xbox and playstation
  • removable micro
  • plug and play

hyperxcloud-kingstonConclusing of the Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset Review :

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is a nice gaming headset with a really great sound expirience.
The compatibility to every device with 3,5mm jacks or with an adapter also to other jacks you can use the headphone on computer, laptop the consoles xbox and playstation, on apple products and also on mobile devices. In this case you have the ultimate possibility to use the strong sound only you will have a problem with the transport because you can can sviweling the ear caps to protect them. So in my opinion its one of the best gaming headset with some small cons.
You can find the hyperx cloud gaming headset on amazon and get it in short time if you buy it via prime.

The best price for the Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset