Logitech G11 Review

The Logitech G11 is unquestionably among the finest gaming keyboards available out there nowadays. These keyboards have developed to accommodate not solely your daily, standard typing necessities, but additionally your exhausting core gaming necessities. Currently, the modernpc is not just for work, but also for play. Oftentimes, a pc is used mostly for playing, since an everyday desktop and its common keyboard would be sufficient for most of your office needs. So for hard core avid gamers, regular keyboards are not sufficient, as it could limit them from performing at their fullest while they’re playing the most recent shooting games and role playing video games The Logitech G11 is filled with everything you need for gaming, and more.

The G11 gaming keyboard has blue-backlit keys, convenient media management buttons, and added 18 programmable G keys. The back-lit keys are really clever; it helps you to play even in a dark room with out fumbling for the right key to press. The handy media management buttons helps you to deal with different applications such as music and video players, without closing a browser or a video game window. This is nice when adjusting the volume on your games sound effects, or when you need to turn it up each time your favorite background music is playing. The programmable G keys are additional keys that you may program so that you might run particular macros that will allow you to outdo your opponents. You additionally do not need to trouble about wire clutter, since you can direct your cables underneath special channels beneath the keyboard. The Logitech G11 additionally has two full-speed USB ports that would let you plug in controllers if ever you get tired of using the keyboard. Maybe the most practical characteristic of the G11 is that it lets you disable the Windows key in its built in Gaming mode, so that you wouldn’t fear about getting dropped or lagging from a game.

Most, if not all, of the consumer opinions of the Logitech G11 are positive. Buyers of this great gaming keyboard love every aspect of it, particularly the additional G keys. They’ve found these game-oriented programmable keys very helpful, even for non-gaming usage. It could be used to store passwords, e-mail signatures, and even brief phrases that you may use when chatting. It could be slightly more expensive than standard keyboards, but with its functionality and usefulness, the Logitech G11 keyboard is a great alternative whether or not it’s for your office or your gaming needs.

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