When you are looking for an upgraded gameboard, Logitech is the most reliable source of PC gaming peripherals. They haveLogitech-G13-Programmable-Gameboard-with-LCD-Display-0 manufactured products that passed through TR and had been awarded consistently because of their genius ideas and the quality of the device. They are known to provide a broad range of quality joypads and joysticks, steering wheels, gaming keyboards and mice. One of the greatest innovation from the line of Saitek’s Cyborg Command Unit. This keypad is improvised by Logitech with the new G13 Advanced Gameboard.

Gaming Keypads or gameboard is a customized keypad in which the keys are programmable. This becomes an essential to the gamers since it allows them to have an easy reach without moving their hand from the built-in range. It helps the player to move freely the cursor in any access without requiring to move their hands in any direction. The G13 is like a combination of technology packed into one device.  Whatever the flaws of other gameboards expect that with this one, it has fully justified. Of course, also expect for a higher price. Many competitors in the gaming market today has become a part of the evolution of games in the game world. If you are a gamer, then acquiring this device is a must and it should be an essential to you. This article will tell you everything why G13 is an ideal choice.

Fantastic Features of Logitech G13:

The Logitech G13 applets offer a variety of amazing features. It comes with a backlighting which has a programmable LCD. And what’s more, amazing about this new feature? The backlight has a color of a rainbow. This feature is the edge of this game board to the other competitors because it is not only on display, but every color has a purpose. As I have mentioned that it was programmable, you can program a function set and assigned  to each  color to every function so it will be easy to remember. This gameboard is 650g  in weight, so it is not lightweight and combined with its broad rubber feet; it guarantees 100% stability.

Therefore, it won’t wiggle or sway when you are using it, especially when you are at the peak of your game. The of this keypad is designed to handle abuse during a heated session of the game. It is sturdy and will not fail you when it comes to extended use. It also comes with a joystick in where you will attach your thumb to promote easy and quick movements without requiring to move your fingers.

The design:

It comes in elegant design and usually in black color. The slopped-wrist is comfortable due to its padded, rubbery material that also offers excellent grip. During an intense game and heated sessions, you will maintain a secure grip without slipping. The design of G13 gives s sense of luxury to the gamer since it is manufactured with the goal of comfort and convenience. Every inch of detail provides a function to make the gamer play without discomfort and too much effort. However, for the beginners, using this gaming device can a little bit tricky. But if you will learn the techniques and you will get used to it, yô can enjoy the game in the full blast without distractions.

Though there are brands that are successful because of their Speedpads, G13 gameboard is made to put a new definition of an upgraded keypads. This gamepad is not only designed to impress gamer but to get the attention of The World of Warcraft addicts. The aesthetic of this gamepads is excellent to meet the pressure of playing for a long time because it curves perfectly to reduce stress on the wrists. It has an added mini-joystick for the left thumb for a more convenience to the player. It is a perfect one handed gaming board for gamers.

Advantages of Logitech G13:

The joystick contributes a lot because it is the key factor of g13. With the use of the thumb which is attached in a joystick, it allows the gamer to put key actions with just a swivel of the thumb. It is faster than moving the finger to another keypad. The keys are arranged in a way that is very comfortable for your fingers and wrists. Another advantage of this gamepad is that it handles the harsh use of the gamer during an intense session because it is sturdy and assures stability and it doesn’t require a lot of adjusting. The rainbow color back lighting also serves a purpose. Every color is assigned to a function set. You can program each key with different tasks, and the color will make you remember each task. It also has different control sets and it can be programmed for macros. you can even record it and customized combination that will reduce the load of your fingertips.

Disadvantage of  Logitech G13:

Now all products are perfect and no matter how advanced and meticulously created, there is always a flaw. For Logitech g13, one disadvantage it its price. It is twice as expensive as the other leading competitor. If you are using it for the first time, it takes time before you will get used to maneuvering your thumb with the joystick. But once you get used to it, it will be easy and faster for you to move your thumb up and down.


The Logitech G13 profile may be expensive for yoLogitech-G13-Programmable-Gameboard-with-LCD-Display-0-0u. But if you think of the amazing features it has to offer, and how can it make your game more enjoyable, then you can consider it as the Logitech G13 best buy.  I would even highly recommend it because it is worth the price. This gaming device is designed to catch any mood like it has boldly introduced a mini gaming keyboard as part of gaming culture. They are bold enough to delve new ideas to make the game more advanced and useful for all gaming addicts.

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