Introduction to Logitech G35:


logitech g35

Today, a headset is the most popular electronic device which provides hands-free solutions for mobile phone communications by exploring the superior sound with more comfort. The Logitech G35 is a type of gaming headsets which I used it that produce a real sound of a game.

Technical aspects of Logitech G35 product

The Logitech G35 is an amazing headset that currently available in the market at reasonable rates, which helps you to enjoy the ultimate experience of your game. This headset allows watching and playing games with digital sound effect on your PC.

  • The G35 offers 7.1 channel sound and comfort mix of playing music at your fingertips.
  • It has availability of optional controls like mute, volume, and media playback buttons.
  • The frequency range of Logitech G35 is 20 Hz (min) over 7.1 channels.
  • The voice quality of G35 is microphone type and its audio quality is sensitivity of 90 dB, impedance of 32 ohms and minimum frequency response of 20 HZ and maximum frequency of 20 KHz.
  • It has USB connections with a cable length of 3m and 2 drivers per ear of 40mm size.
  • It is compatible to work on these platforms, like windows XP, 8 and windows 10 and also support Mac.
  • The Logitech G35 headset is applicable with a prime color such as black and you can easily buy it on Amazon.

Recently, I have bought and used this headset, which is great to use than any other headsets. It produces high-end surround-sound gaming headset and has a stunning display to watch. The G35 is a new introduction of Logitech’s headset, which is an almost perfect choice to fin with a cinematic experience of gaming.

Disadvantages of the G35

The Logitech headset is built with specific peripherals for PC which allows you to use the headset with a high level of audio quality as well as convenience. The logitechg35 disadvantage includes,

  • This gaming headset offers only USB connection and has no option to use analog 3.5mm connectors in addition than USB.
  • The G35 PC set has no gold plating for all the connections.
  • It is not fully programmable instead you can make setup to control the volume, mute options on iTunes and also many other functions.

Advantages of the G35

The Logitech G35 is a most convenient headset for you to complement your gaming but you have to keep them in a stereo mode. This head is working as efficient as possible every time. This is a type of mouse that can be used both via USB connection. The great advantages of using G35 headset are as follows,

  • The Logitech G35 has analog connectors which help you to use it in the headphones with the MP3 players as well as right adapters.
  • This gaming headset offers a control that helps you to easily switch between stereo mode and virtual 7.1. You can use both options to get the best sounds in the game while playing.
  • The G35 PC headset contains “G keys” which are really useful to control the volume buttons on your devices.
  • The PC gaming headset is a more affordable model than any other headset design. It is made with a unique supra-aural design that covers and perfectly around your head.
  • This impressive model headset offers a two warranty for every user.


  • Capable headset model
  • Clever design
  • Very good sound
  • More convenience
  • Poor audio performance
  • Too pricey

Many people find a decent headset today and the Logitech g35 deal with a wide range of specifications so you find the right G35 gaming headset for you. I like to buy this product because of its cool design looks and its customization is very innovative. If you are looking for a good headset to enjoy the cinematic gaming experience just you prefer Logitech G35 headset as like me.

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