Logitech G402










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  • nice design
  • costumize led lightning
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • macroprogramming
  • costumizable with software
  • 4-dpi-steps


  • large mouse: not for small hands
  • not coated cable easy to break

logitech-g402The Logitech G402 is the cheapest gaming mouse of the logitech G-Series. I tested the mouse for more  than 4 weeks to find out the most advantages and disadvantages to put these things in this review.

Technical Details of the Logitech G402:

  • up to 4000 DPI
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 8 porgrammable buttons
  • 4 dpi settings

The Design of the mouse is futuristic.
It comes with 8 programmable buttons and you can create 4 dpi steps.
The programming of the buttons is possible with the software of logitech for the G-Series. But you don’t need the software if you don’t want to program the mouse. The weight of the mouse is 102g. A normal weight for a mouse. With the software you can program the buttons with macros for your gaming or office work. Macros are key combinations like “shift+R or STRG + ALT + ENTF” you can control with one programmed button.
Product size is 30 x 20 x 15 cm. The G402 works with a 2.0 USB cable.
The mouse is compatible with the OS of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and with the Mac and Linux.
On windows the mouse works with plug and play (put the USB in the slot and it works).
The mouse is really long and the best way to use it is the palm grip to make it possible to press all the buttons.

My review of the logitech g402:

I tested the mouse with my desktop pc with the OS Windows 10.
The mouse was boxed in a logitech typical package.
After unboxing I put the USB into my jack of the pc and it works in between seconds (plug and play). So you don’t have the problem with driver installation.
I downloaded the software of the mouse the G-series software to program the buttons and the dpi settings. The software works very well and it recognize automatically which device is pluged in.
With the software can you manage more than one device at the same time (headset + mouse + keyboard for example). Its very simple to program the buttons you see which button you program and give it order like MOUSE 2.
The mouse clicks on Button left and right make a normal click volume. The wheel in the middle (MOUSE 3) is clicking loud and you need force to the press the button. The programmable buttons make no sound if you click them. The G402 have no smooth scrolling like the g700. You have the normal resistant like on every other mouse.
The mouse is in the comparision to other one really long and flat and is for normal and big hands.
The mouse is lightning in the color blue and can’t be changed. But you can disable the lightning via the software.
The mouse have a 32-Bit-Arm-Processor this is for the high precision of the g402 responsible. The mouse also have a internal storage that you don’t need the software running for your settings or you can put the mouse on other devices or operating systems and the installing stil works.

Disadvantages of the Gaming mouse:

  • really large mouse: with small hands its get hard to reach all buttons
  • USB-Cable not coated

Advantages of the G402:

  • ergonimical handling
  • fast mouse
  • cheap
  • programming of macros
  • software easy and good in use
  • exakt position possible
  • good moving on smooth ground
  • no mouse pad needed


The logitech g402 is a advisable gaming mouse for a budget of max. $50.
You have the programmable buttons and the possibility for changing the dpi while
playing games via two buttons. With the programming of the buttons with macros you can
use your mouse for office works and video editing or cad. Many things are possible if you learn
to work with the mouse and the software.
The mouse makes in my opinion a good impression with a nice design, a good handling
much personalable features and gaming functions.


logitech g402    Find the mouse for the best price!