Introduction about Logitech G502:logitech-g502 review

The Logitech G502 Proteus core is designed to give comfortable experience to the player and it gives lot of customization options and become the best all-purpose mouse ever.

Features of Logitech G502:

The Logitech G502 provides different customization options to change the settings of the mouse as the player want. The player can tune the optical sensor in the mouse to experience the better performance and accuracy in the surface where the player uses the mouse. Most of the player may feel difficult in controlling the mouse due to the weight of the mouse. This mouse is provided with five 3.6 weights to be installed or removed to get the balanced weight as the player expect. Since the mouse has 11 buttons, the player can make the settings as he is comfortable.

There are thousands of default settings profiles, so the player can choose the settings easily. The Mouse also includes different buttons to change the DPI settings in the game. The player can choose the low or high DPI settings with the five different settings. The scroll button in the mouse allows the player to get the better performance and they can select hyper-fast scrolling otherwise click to click exactness. This mouse has the most accurate sensor than any other similar products in the market. It also includes 32 bit microcontroller, 3 on-board profiles and certain mechanical micro switches.

Feedback from the users:

The gamers who are using this mouse give 4.5 out of 5 stars for the performance of the mouse. Mostly the mouse has got the best reviews and feedbacks from all the users. Many of the people say that the mouse is very comfortable to handle and the people who is having small hands can also use this mouse easily. Many gamers say that the mouse has the ability to scan your PC for the games which you have installed and it creates the settings profile on its own. The mouse is appreciated for its sensitivity and weight which make the players to feel comfortable.

The users are wondering about the weights which are provided with the mouse. Since it allows them to adjust the weight of the mouse they feel better handling with the amount of weight they need. Some of the users have experienced the performance of the mouse in the Logitech G502 test and they love the product.

Disadvantages of the Logitech G502:

Even though many of the users praise the Logitech G502 mouse, every product will have some drawbacks in its design or performance. Similarly the mouse has some inconvenience in its design. The feet of the mouse is the biggest drawback in the design since it does not have the front and back pads which gives the mouse a better glide while using. The users also complain about the scroll wheel in the mouse. Since the scroll wheel is made up of depleted uranium and solid lead, it lacks in the performance by sticking up while playing games.

The high price is the big contra of this mouse. The sniper button in the mouse is one of the annoyances which are not easily accessible by the player. Since the claw shape of the mouse does not allow the user to hit the button properly. Most of the people sense this difficulty in accessing the mouse buttons. Particularly the users with large size hands will be irritated by the button design.

Advantages of Logitech G502:

The Logitech G502 has several advantages in the performance. Though there are some downsides in the product, it includes many advantages which are not present in any other similar product. The mouse has two incredible features that are adjustable weight system and the capability of sensing the surface. There is a magnetic tool on its base, and the weights can be added or removed by the player. This provides excellent mouse control to the player while playing the game. I have also used this product and experienced an excellent gaming experience. The mouse gives fast response and the design of the mouse gives good handling. If you are interested to buy this product, you can find many Logitech G502 deal in the online shopping sites.


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