Introduction to gaming keyboard:


logitech g510s

Gaming keyboard is the best option for the gamers to accomplish the missions with less effort and Logitech G510s would be the right choice to achieve it.

Technical design of G510ss:

It is an exclusive design in gaming keyboards, which supports the Standard/ Straight ergonomic design. The number pad of this keyboard is integrated, which helps the users to access plenty of features at single shot. It is a wired device, so easy to connect with the computers and laptops and has the backlit keys. The gamers can adjust the height of this keyboard and the palm rest pad lets the users to relax from continuous playing. It is available in black color, which is very attractive and would be apt for playing various games and additionally, has the simultaneous key press supports.

The Gamers feedback about G510s:

Most of the users have given the good rating and positive feedback for this product the reason is it has the features to meet their expectation. Gamers usually find alternate for their previous design to enhance the performance and Logitech G510s really give the best to them. Gamers who are using the G510s said excellent functionalities and the amazing design impress them very much. Additionally, the macro possibility with the 18G is enough for them to play any game and they praise about the backlight feature, which help them to press the right buttons while playing games.

Advantages and disadvantages:

While using any gaming consoles, the gamers always find the backlogs which are disturbing them and even the G510s also has some disadvantages. The critics have done the Logitech G510ss test to know the complete features of this device, but still some features needs to be updated. Some of the gamers might have installed the best sound card in their console to enjoy the clear sounds while playing. However, the G510s audio jack supports with only 3.5mm jacks only, so they cannot connect to other headphones or audio devices. It may annoy the users and the on-board audio of this keyboard has the better audio codec when comparing to other gaming keyboards. The gamers may highly disappoint about the missing of USB ports which prevent the users to connect other devices with this keyboard. Having ammo and health level is very important to the games and the built-in LCD facility let the users to check them in this keyboard. However, the backlights are fixed, so users cannot customize the brightness for this option and some of the bigger keys confuse the users while playing the game.

These all not a big issues to the game lovers because they can overcome such backlogs by concentrating on other features. It has plenty of differences when comparing to the other gaming keyboards and will be very suitable for the MMO and RTS fans. Having 18G macro keys in the gaming keyboard is the dream for many gamers and this Logitech G510s satisfy their need. In the previous G-series gaming keyboards, users can find the three mode settings and in this model they can find the 54 different combinations along with it. It let the users to perform number of assignments on real time and can map more macros to the standard keys. Utilities like EVGA’s precision lets the gamers to check various temperatures and LCD facilities monitor the CPU speed and RAM usage. The gamers can find various positive Logitech G510s review from the websites and it is compatible with the operating systems like Windows 7, windows 8 and etc.

My own feedback:

I think this product is specially launched to target the MMO & RTS gamers however anybody can own this device to enjoy the new gaming experience. While playing the games, I have never faced any troubles but the backlights are very dim. It would be very nice, if there are enough USB portals and I hope the next series will be updated with the Bluetooth connectivity to the computer.


Good for:

  • Easy to operate
  • Attractive design
  • More technical features

Not good for:

  • Price is very high
  • No option for customizing the backlight

Finally, I like the product because its attractive design and it let me to have a new experience on gaming by using plenty of features


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