Logitech G600










pressure point





  • nice design
  • lightning of the keys
  • precise sensor
  • ressistant of the mousewheel
  • costumizable with software
  • macro programming
  • 12 thumb keys


  • cable not coated
  • difficult to use this mouse in fingertip grip

The Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse is one of the most successful gaming mice today.logitech-g600
This mouse is recommended mostly because the best in class programmable buttons. The most competitive price of this mouse is rich in user-friendliness. The main attraction of this mouse is an excellent quality of 20 programmable buttons. The following Logitech g600 review assists you to know about this gaming mouse comprehensively.


The Logitech G600 is the best choice for those who are willing to make use of the thumb controls. This is because this mouse supports users to control 12 out of 20 buttons through their thumb. You can use your index finger, the middle finger to control the left button and the right button respectively. You can keep your ring finger at rest on this mouse’s third button. Macro controls of this mouse are activated by this third button.

The weight of this mouse is 133grams. As compared to the standard gaming mouse, this mouse is a bit heavier beyond doubt. The weight of this mouse satisfies its users who wish to get the substantial on hand while playing games.

Smart features

The best in class features in the software of The Logitech G600 make its users happy these days. The customizable nature of this software gives the complete support to every user who likes to explore the most favourable things.

There are six profiles in this mouse. Three profiles are stored in the mouse and the remaining three profiles are stored on the computer. You can take advantage of the programmable nature of 18 buttons out of 20 buttons on this mouse. The standard left and right button on this mouse cannot be customized except the reversing the role of these two buttons.


Once you have opened this software then you have to select a particular profile stored on your computer or in this mouse. You can adjust these elements as per your desires in between games. However, you cannot do anything with it during the game play.

The latest Logitech g600 deal online attracts individuals who have an idea to buy a brand new gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is well compatible with Windows 10, Windows XP and other Windows Operating Systems. Users of Mac OS prefer this gaming mouse. They are confident to buy it since its support for both left-hander and right-hander.

As a user of the digital gaming mouse, you have so many ideas about dpi. Dot per Inch is an important factor to consider while listening to the features of a gaming mouse. I have changed the DPI value as per my requirements every time. I felt happy with the best support from this mouse to change dpi inputs on a whim in between 200 and 8,200. If you use this feature then you can play games like the World of Warcraft as entertaining as possible.

Many people focus on this gaming mouse these days. They understand that The Logitech G600 is better than its predecessor in different aspects. They listen to customers’ opinions from those who have used the G600 gaming mouse in recent times. This is because they get ready to know every feature of the G600 gaming mouse in detail.

You have to listen to the major disadvantages as well as advantages of The Logitech G600 right now. This is because these details assist you to make an informed decision about your gaming mouse shopping online.

Disadvantages of the G600

The foremost disadvantage of The Logitech G600 is no support for users who love the claw or fingertip play style. Many users of this gaming mouse are dissatisfied with the indistinct nature of thumb buttons in the middle rows. They are unable to use this mouse while playing non-MMO games.

Advantages of the G600

The main advantage to those who have chosen The Logitech G600 is its insane customization potential. Every person who uses this gaming mouse gets the maximum support through the user-friendliness of thumb buttons that decrease their dependence on keyboard while playing the most interesting MMO games. They are very comfortable regardless of the weighty design of this successful gaming mouse.

I love to use The Logitech G600 because the most comfortable design that satisfies every user these days. This gaming device enhances my entertainment beyond my expectations.


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