Introduction to Logitech G7:

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logitech g7

The Logitech G7 cordless mouse is one type of mouse which is generally used for gaming purpose. The features of the mouse will give you the better performance and handling.

Technical specifications of Logitech G7:

The Logitech G7 includes various features which can make the product better in all the scenarios specified for a gaming mouse. Some of the technical specifications are excellently designed in this mouse to attain a special position in the user’s preference. The mouse has the tracking resolution of 2000 dpi and image processing up to 6.4 megapixels per second. The maximum acceleration of the mouse is 20g and the speed of the mouse will be around 45 to 65 inches per second. But the speed of the mouse is depends upon the surface on which the mouse is used. The sleep mode is disabled in the mouse, so the player does not need to worry about that while playing.

The Logitech G7 has a back button which acts as web navigation interface and it allows the use to change the sensitivity in the range between 400, 800 up to 2000dpi. It also includes a scroll wheel and a battery level indicator. Since it is a wireless mouse, the battery of the mobile has to be charged when the battery indicator shows low battery level. The mouse is designed for the purpose of both left and right hand users.

User review about the product:

The Logitech G7 analyse reviews about the product have been posted in many online sources. Most of the sources have given mixed reviews about the product. The users who have used this mouse have given good reviews about the technical details and the performance of the mouse. The users say that the mouse can work better when the set point software which can increase the performance. Many of the users appreciate the response of the mouse and the performance is flawless. The overall review about the product has both good and bad reviews and it cannot be taken as the finalised review. The perception and expectation of the users will vary from one person to another.

Drawbacks of the product:

Some of the reviews say there are many drawbacks in the product and the Logitech G7 disadvantage is in the design and the performance of the product. The main drawback of the mouse is the sensitivity towards the surface on which the mouse is used. The mouse does not have a forward button and the size of the scroll wheel is larger than the usual scroll wheels in the other mouse. Hence the user may feel little odd when he is supposed to scroll the button while playing the games seriously.

Another major drawback of the product is the cordless facility. Since the device is not a wired mouse, it has some cons in the connectivity. The mouse will be provided with a connector device which has to be installed with the PC and the mouse will be connected with that particular device. The cordless mouse will be always working on a battery, so the user has to replace the batteries often and it depends on how often the player uses the mouse.

Pros of the Logitech G7:

Even though there are some drawbacks in the product, it has some advantages too. The mouse is light in weight and it is very easy for the players to give the actions to the games. The buttons are perfectly placed in the mouse and it allows the user to have better handling and the sensitivity buttons are easy to reach. You can get to know the low battery level through the small battery meter present in the mouse. The battery of the mouse can be quickly charged and it stands up to eight hours. Since the mouse has the eject button for the batteries, you can replace the batteries easily as you need.

My opinion about the product:

Since I have the experience of using this mouse for gaming, I would suggest the product for the people who are looking for compact mouse which has good and fast handling. The only thing about the product is the price and some of the gamers may feel little expensive to afford.


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