A short introduction of Logitech G930 headset review


logitech g930

Wireless gaming headset alters the life of online players in an effective manner. You don’t need to make use of cabled headsets as because this wireless headset helps you to do any sorts of activities in a free manner. Logitech G930 is considered to be the best headset in the present market. The type of this headset is circumaural and it does not need any phone controls in any case. It is the right and affordable headset for all PC users. It is measured to be a perfect choice for all sorts of games and so you can have excellent gaming performance in high range. Make use of micro USB cable for charging Logitech g930 battery and even you can make use of it as a wireless at low battery. It will perfectly fit in your ears and so you can enjoy any sort of games in high range. In left ear, users can access all control options in a hassle free manner. Large volume wheel and mic mute are all present in left side.

Technical advancements of wireless headset

Logitech G930 is really an impressive product and it is tested effectively in a distance of 40 feet. The user can hear all unique sounds of games in high range without any annoyance. A small port in left cup is used for charging purposes. You can alter the volume controls as per your needs without facing any troubles. In this case, you can enjoy the extensive music variations at the time of playing different games. This gaming headset has completed so many tests successfully and so you can utilize this wireless headset to enhance your gaming performance. The weight of Logitech is 18ounce and so you will not feel any hassle to make utilize of it. As because of its attractive features it reach to all over the world. Intuitive and clean interface will help the users to handle this headset in an effective manner. Further it will create diverse sorts of sounds for dissimilar games.

Objectives of Logitech G930

Logitech is mainly created with wireless objective as because this amazing feature is not present in any other product. You don’t need to frustrate with sweating ears by means of Logitech G930. Customizable buttons and volume wheel will attract everyone to purchase this product at any cost. User can also connect this headset a wired connection with the help of USB wires. It will perfectly suit for windows xp and windows 8 in a hassle free manner. In addition, it will perform effectively in mac and windows 10 operating system.

It is really a compatible device for all users in high range. Even you can recognize some Logitech g930 disadvantage after its usage. Further you can make use of this gaming headset and so everyone can have an excellent gaming experience. Several satisfied customers have conveyed their experience and ideas about this Logitech headset in online. As per consumer reviews, this headset satisfies all their needs in little weight. It is also a great comfort to use and it offers amazing sound quality in high range.

Disadvantages of the G930

  • Bass is not mainly influential
  • Due to heavy weight it is really inconvenient to carry around
  • Fewer capabilities in programmable buttons
  • It will take long time to charge

Advantages of the G930

  • It will offer high quality of sound output
  • Easy access to controls
  • It can be used even at the time of charging
  • Microphone with noise cancelling option
  • Programmable buttons


The Logitech G930 is really an impressive wireless gaming headset in the current market. The outlook design inspires everyone to make purchases on it. The user will not face any hassles to handle this device in any case. Some users will feel hard to carry but you can enjoy high quality sounds so that it will enhance your gaming experience to a higher level. I like this product as because of its outlook design and first rate quality music. Further, it helps to enjoy the sounds at any location and so I like this product in high range. Everyone can make use of this astonishing headset so that you can enjoy real colours in your gaming activity.

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