Logitech G633














control of sound





  • nice design
  • costumize led lightning
  • working on console: ps4 and xbox one
  • good fit and comfortable
  • macro programming
  • programming keys on ear caps
  • 7.1 sound system
  • 3,5mm jack also for mobile devices


  • expensive price
  • programming buttons are small

Introducing Logitech g633 :


logitech g633

Headsets and headphones are actually the mini speaker systems and they are stereo hearing systems that are wearable, providing the mobility to the user. Today, there are a variety of headsets which are offered in the market for the users. Absolutely, most of the users have used the Logitech headset products as one of the best gaming headsets of today. Even though, there are different models, any of the versions currently offered in the market today are highly recommended. One of the most important advantages is that the Logitech G633 is wireless.

Technical details :

The headset has the following specifications.

  • Responding frequency: 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL/mW
  • Driver for headset: Logitech Pro G 40 mm
  • Connection: 3.5 mm Micro USB to USB
  • Operating system: Play station 4, Xbox one
  • Pick up pattern: Cardoid
  • Size: 4mm

I have used this Logitech g633 which provides the wonderful benefits when hearing music and playing games. Moreover, the biggest advantage for me is that the Logitech g633 has a lot of audio controls and so I can get the stunning experience while watching movies. Then, it also supports different kinds of gaming consoles.

Disadvantages of the Logitech headset :

The Logitech g633 review has encountered some disadvantages and they are listed below in the best manner.

The wired version of this model is the most crucial con, because it is needed to plug into the phone using the 3.5mm of cable. Furthermore, the headphone jack is also available, in which you can connect the devices too, but the microphone signal of the headset does not forward through this.

The driver of the Logitech gaming software contains some bugs and they affect their surround headsets.

The headset appears in windows as if it only supports the stereo input and so games and other applications only send the stereo audio and not the multi channel surround as they are supposed to.

Moreover, the volume wheel and the G keys are smaller and so they are not easily handled.

Advantages of the Logitech headset :

It has wonderful and easily accessible audio controls with customizable G keys and so you can get nice experience in hearing music or anything.

The quality of the audio is an important aspect in the headset and so the Logitech headset provides the excellent quality audio in the best manner. It contains the typical stereo audio quality with Dolby virtual 7.1 surround sound and DTS capabilities for PC. Additionally, it provides a lot of audio options at your fingertips.

The most attractive thing in the Logitech g633 test comes with the wonderful lightings and so it shows the different coloring when it is in active mode. In that manner, it offers the brilliant customizable colouring for its backlight ear cups. However, it does not only show the G logo on the sides of the device with colour, but also have two stripes around the stripes of the headset which can light up.

In addition to that, the quality of the microphone is fantastic, because if you plugged in through the USB or the cable and random party members seemed happy by seeing how my voice is sounded in the chat. Furthermore, the mic of the handset is unidirectional and noise cancelling and so the background noise always stays in a minimum level.

Then, the design of the headset also seems very comfortable and breathable. Actually, the material found in the ear cups is not microfiber or leather, but it is a soft cloth and so it does not cause any inconvenience to your ears. Moreover, you can feel like smart when you put on your head in the headset and use the best gaming mouse.

Result :

Actually, the Logitech G633 is one of the best quality headset compared to all others and it has good design. Then, it can be easily handled by the user when playing the game in the most effective manner.
I love to use the Logitech g633 while playing the game on my PC. Additionally, I have also used the world-class gaming mouse with the headset to play my favourite game for getting wonderful gaming experience.


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