Logitech K400




pressure point




extra buttons







  • nice price
  • integrated touchpad
  • special left click button on the left corner


  • missing macros button
  • weak pressure point
  • missing more multimedia buttons

I’m into wireless keyboards recently. There are many options on the market. My attention focuses on logitech wireless touch keyboard k400Logitech-Wireless-Touch-Keyboard-K400-Plus-with-Built-In-Touchpad-for-Internet-Connected-TVs-0-0 best buy. I have made a simple list of both pros and cons of Logitech K400. Later, I’ll provide more details about the product.


  • Affordable.
  • There are built-in mouse buttons and a touchpad
  • Various ranges of wireless.
  • It can be used with Windows 8 gesture.


  • The keyboard is uncomfortable due to its small size.
  • The touchpad is too small.
  • There’s no backlit on the keys.

The logitech k400 is produced for gamers who need to use their PC comfortably. It’s suitable for either big TV or monitor. I can use it easily while relaxing on a sofa. The keyboard is a perfect choice if I want to play music, as there are some buttons made for this purpose. It has wireless and touchpad features with mouse buttons. That means I don’t need to use a physical mouse. I really like it as it’s quite thin. It’s even compatible with all operating systems. This keyboard can handle more gestures when compared to previous product, the K400. I love the white color, but it also comes in black color.

The chiclet-style caps are available on the keys. However, I don’t like them as they are too close together. Not to mention there’s no frame to distinct them. I think the keyboard is quite small. Both the number and letter keys are too close together when compared to other wireless keyboards such as TK80 and K310. Some keys are narrower as well. These include backslash, backspace, shift, and enter. I’m disappointed with its size. However, the keyboard offers lots of benefits for me. I think I’m okay with such size issue. Thanks to the various features provided this item.

More Amusing Features

At the right part of the keyboard, I find the touchpad. The size is 3 by 1.7 inches. It’s smaller as compared to laptops’ touchpads. It’s quite useful, tough. There are both right and left buttons on the pad. The left button is a little bit longer than the right one. It’s because the left button will get the most use. I’m also impressed with the wireless connectivity. There’s a wireless receiver that is pluggable into a USB port on a computer. It also supports a direct connection with other compatible devices. I can hide the dongle inside the battery compartment. It’s located below the keyboard. I do this when it’s not in use.

There are 2 AA batteries included. The battery compartment also has another function. It supports the keyboard and tilt it bit forward on a plane surface. I can find an on/off button, too. There’s no backlit for the keys. As a result, I have a trouble to use the keyboard when the room is dark. When I need to use the keyboard far away from my computer, I will activate the wireless extender. This feature also becomes one of the strengths of the keyboard. The manufacturer claims that it supports 33-foot range connection. I have tested it. The result was more than 50 feet.

The logitech k400 best buy utilizes Unifying technology. The wireless system operates well and can support up to 6 compatible devices including keyboards, mice, and touchpads. Like other wireless keyboards, this technology uses a USB port as a direct connection. This is something that I really love. The next things I want to discuss are about installation and performance of K400r. There won’t be a trouble regarding the installation procedure. What I need to do is to plug the dongle into the USB port. The installation starts immediately as the keyboard connects to the computer. The keyboard works perfectly in Windows 8.1 and 7. Still, it’s also compatible with other versions.

At the top left part of the keyboard, I can find 5 hotkeys. There’s a mouse icon at the left-most button. It works as the icon describes. I prefer to use the larger one situated on the touchpad, though. The next button is a musical note image. I can launch Windows Media Player by pressing it. The house icon brings me to Home or page of my default browser. Beside of this home icon, there’s a lock computer icon. The last final hotkey is sleep. It’s a shortcut button to easily sleep and wake the computer. These entire hotkeys are quite useful.

The F1-F12 function keys are designed for media-friendly functionalities. I can simply look at the key legend for more information about these keys. In fact, I can reprogram them with software offered by Logitech. The name is SetPoint. It’s free. There are some function keys that are meant for music. These include Next Track, Previous Track, Mute, Pause, Volume Up, and Down. The touchpad is really good as it can support gestures. It features both right and left click. Not to mention there are scroll, zoom, show charm bar, and move the cursor functions.

Apart from those benefits, I don’t like the K400’s performance. Both touchpad and typing experience using this keyboard aren’t special. It’s solid, in fact. The keyboard is small and the keys seem fragile. The typing quality is quite smooth, though. The touchpad is indeed small but it provides nice gestures. The keys work well, too. Some people will hate its size. However, it doesn’t really matter for me. I don’t use it for gaming. Instead, I use the keyboard to play music and type some works in a casual way. The cramped keys will be a trouble for game maniacs, for sure.


In logitech k400 review summary, I think it is a nice choice as an affordable wireless keyboard. I recommend it for casual users. The touchpad is good. This feature isn’t available in some other wireless keyboards. The keys are too closely spaced, though. Overall, it’s a good keyboard. I often use it when I want to use my PC from afar. I can easily control and stream music with it.Even though it has some downsides, I don’t get disappointed at all. It’s a great wireless keyboard.
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