Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 5














control of sound





  • cable changeable
  • clear sound
  • good microphone
  • portable
  • removeable micro


  • cable not coated, easy to brake

In this post I want to tell you my experience of the Mad Catzfreq5madcatz
gaming headset. I used the Mad Catz Freq 5 for 5 weeks to take a
detailed view for the product and the quality.First I want to tell you the technical details of the gaming headphone.

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 5 Technical Details:

The Mad Catz Freq 5 is a stereo headset with 2 x 50 mm speakers.
The headphone come with removeable microphone.
The mad catz f.r.e.q. 5 comes with two possible adapters.
With a 3,5 mm jack cable and with a USB cable.You have a jack on the headset were you can plug one of the two
cables. The lengths of the 3,5mm jack cable is 1m and the lengths of the USB
cable is 2m. The headset is a over-ear headset.
All information in overview:

  • stereo headset
  • 2 x 50mm speakers
  • 2 cable connections: 3,5mm and USB
  • mini USB to 3,5mm jack cable (1 meter)
  • mini USB to USB cable (2 meter)
  • removeable microphone

My review of the headset:

I don’t want to speak about the boxing because I think every producer
package there products in the right way.
After unpacking you can decide which cable you want to choose.
For my desktop pc I used the USB cable.
Both cables are special coated with a wattled stuff.
It’s not possible to crease the cables so thats a good sign.
After plug in the cable in the computer the system (Windows 10)
recognized the device and installed automatically the drivers. After some seconds I could use
the headset for hearing music. But about the sound quality I want to speak later.
The headset press with a pleasant pressure on the ears and keep the headset stable on the head also
when you make head-shaking. On the bow you can adjust the size of the headset.
The headset have a scroll wheel as volume control. An Equalizer button to
change between the equlizer settings and a microphone mute button.
When the micro is muted you can see this on a red lightning ring on the microphone.

Sound quality and microphone quality:

The sound quality on the mad catz f.r.e.q. 5 is really intensive.
A really loud sound connected with a deep and strong bass and a fine treble describe
the sound experiene of the mad catz f.r.e.q. 5.The microphone was in used by skyping with friends and creating videos for youtube.
It’s really difficult to explain the quality of the microphone but I will try it.
Sure you can’t compare this micro with a studio micro, but for the normal use of chatting
and making hobby videos its good, the sound is clear and the mic filters the bass out of the voice.

Disadvantages of the headset:

The cable is not coated in a special way. In this way its necessary to be careful with the
installation of the cable and to wire the together.

Advantages of the Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 5

The headset creates a nice sound and have a good microphone.
The fit on the head is also very nice and you can control the volume, mute the
microphone on the headset.

Conclusing of the review:

The mad catz freq 5 is a nice headset with lots of features.
The only negative thing about it is the cable.
The sound and micro quality is convincing.
mad catz freq 5

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