Mad Catz RAT 3










pressure point





  • nice design
  • changeable width and lengths
  • aviable in 4 color models
  • pricise sensor
  • costumizable with software
  • macro programming


  • the unique design takes time to get used to
  • no lightning

Introduction Mad Catz Rat 3:


mad catz rat 3

Mad Catz RAT 3 is the new generation gaming mouse which provides high precision game playing along with host of other features. Any person who is a gaming freak will definitely check out this gaming mouse for buying purpose.

Specifications of Mad Catz RAT 3:

This gaming mouse which is suitable for gaming on Mac and PC comes with cutting edge technology and a sleek design. It comes in choice of 4 colours which are matte and glossy black, red and white. It comes with gaming grade optical sensors of 3500 dpi for high precision game playing. One can set and toggle 4 custom dpi settings per profile. Also, the Mad Catz RAT 3 comes with 3 programmable macro buttons which have 8 user definable commands via 3 modes. This gaming mouse is loaded with powerful macro programming software which makes it perfect for high precision game playing. The product dimensions are 4.6×3.4×8.8 inches and the shipping weight is around 9.9 ounces. The programming software helps the user to make unlimited number of profiles. It’s easy to customize the dpi settings which range from 450 to 3500. The product has USB 2.0 connectivity and is compatible with 64 bit and 32 bit Windows8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS and other OS.

A consumer opinion:

A gaming mouse should be such that it empowers the user in all forms of game playing. Here, the Mad Catz RAT 3 emerges as a high precision gaming mouse which is loaded with powerful features and suitable for left hander and right hander players alike. I personally found many note worthy attributes in this gaming mouse. Most users looking for a wired or wireless gaming mouse tried the Mad Catz RAT series to find out if they are truly worthy of the market status that they enjoy. Here are a few points that can help you to make an informed choice before buying a high precision gaming mouse.

Disadvantages of Rat 3:

just like other models of the Mad Catz RAT series, this model also comes with many attractive features. But obviously the better and more expensive models in this series provide a better feel and quality than this under $30 model of this series. Some people might find the cutting edge look a little uncomfortable to get used to. Other than this perhaps there are no disadvantages of buying this gaming mouse as such in this cost bracket.

Advantages of Rat 3:

there are many strong points that this amazing gaming mouse offers to its users. To start with, just like other gaming mouse in Mad Catz RAT series, this particular model is also a stunner to look at. People get attracted to it by merely looking at it. It comes in 4 great colour options, of which I liked the matte black the most. Apart from this the user ability of this gaming mouse scores high points because of the firm grip and sturdy feel of the mouse. The cable is braided, hence durable and the USB connector is also gold plated, so that it is long lasting. The extra programmable buttons on the mouse make it excellent for gaming purpose. It has 3 of them with the LMB and the RMB, making it 5 in total. Apart from this, one can also customize the sensitivity to any of the four levels, 450, 900, 1800 and 3500 as per the user’s requirement. The polling rate of this particular model has been kept at 1000 Hz which means no lagging while using Mad Catz RAT 3 what so ever. These amazing features and the sheer comfort of playing make it an excellent buy in this cost bracket.



Amazing design and comfortable feel

Available at great cost

Extra programmable buttons

Easy to customize DPI settings

Powerful macro programming software


The unique design takes time to get used to

A final word:

I would definitely give the Mad Catz RAT 3 thumbs up as a high precision gaming mouse for under $30. It offers a plethora of features in an affordable budget and does not compromise on quality or comfort or the user also. All this along with powerful programming software makes it a sure winner as a new age gaming mouse.


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