Mad Catz RAT 9










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  • nice design
  • changeable width and lengths
  • 4 dpi modes per profile
  • 3 profiles possible
  • costumizable with software
  • macroprogramming
  • 4 color models aviable
  • addional mouse wheel for thumb


  • expensive price

Introducing of Mad Catz Rat 9:


mad catz rat 9

Mad Catz rat 9 is an amazing gaming wireless mouse for both PC and Mac. The features and performance of this mouse take you to the next level of gaming experience on any Windows platforms such as Windows xp, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

Technical details about RAT 9:

  • Wireless connectivity – 2.4 GHz
  • Tracking speed – Up to 6m per second.
  • Acceleration – Maximum 50 G
  • DPI range – From 25 to 6400 dpi
  • Sensor type – Laser
  • Scrolling device – Two way scroll wheel
  • Standard buttons – 6
  • Special buttons – Programmable
  • Connection – Wireless
  • Weight – 15.8 ounces
  • Dimensions – 6.7 X 2.4 X 8.5 inch

Customer opinion:

Mad Catz rat 9 is a highly expensive PC gaming mouse but it is really worthy to spend that much money because of its excellent features. It has vast customizability options, strong performance, and unique features which make my gaming experience to the next level. I’m currently using this impressive line of mouse for my computer games.

I just like to be able to adjust and tweak its gear according to my needs. Its great design will be very helpful and adjustable to fit in our palm. It is powerful and definitely unique product to the gamers who wish to use a wireless gaming mouse instead of a wired mouse.


Before purchasing this wireless mouse, it is vital to make Mad Catz rat 9 test
to get complete information also about its some negative sides. Though it perfectly suits for PC gaming style, it is not better for everyone’s taste. It is stylish and looking good, but it slightly differs from the normal computer mouse. So, some people would not like its design for their gaming benefits. Another main disadvantage is its price. It is very much expensive gaming mouse than other products.

One should need to spend a lot of money for purchasing it. That is why it is only for the big level gamers who are always ready to spend huge expenses not for all players. It is not that much better mouse in its some features especially its structure. Although it is a powerful and high featured gaming mouse, it will make some inconvenience to the users because it is heavy.


Since Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 is a wireless gaming mouse with fast connectivity, I could have good wireless signal while game play. It has some extra included batteries for having a long lasting life when the players have longer game play sessions. I really wondered with this feature when I have a lengthy PC gaming session. Dislike of other gaming mouse, Mad Catz has a better charging dock which works well in all categories of Windows and Mac platforms. Most of the humans are right handed so it is also designed with right hander controls.

Customizability is another main feature which will make everything better for the gamers. This wireless gaming mouse is totally customizing in all features according to the requirements of the users. The design of the mouse is very good and its signal performance is top-notch. According to my personal experience, you can pay that much amount for enjoying full convenience of the wireless operations, physical configurability, and outstanding build quality of this Mad Catz mouse. You can buy Mad Catz rat 9 cheap mice with some percentage of discounts from the online stores.


Since with the highly personalization options, there are many screws which one can adjust to alter the shape and size of this Mad Catz rat 9 wireless mouse for PC gaming. Overall this gaming mouse is very good and adaptable for all types of computer games. It is simple, stylish, and provides great functionalities to enjoy game play.

I previously thought to buy wired mouse but I have a lot of passion on wireless mouse. I got specifications and price of this Mad Catz wireless gaming mouse. Even it is slightly costlier than other wireless mouse products, I really like it and love to purchase it because of its features and customization options. Now, I’m using Mad Catz RAT 9 wireless mouse and play several PC games. It really provides incredible gaming experience for me with personalized choices.

mad catz rat9

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