Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse
The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is Designed to work with Both 2.4 GHz as well as Bluetooth. In addition, the mouse is rechargeable, and features 1 GB of flash memory. Actually it is the First Both mouse to feature a rechargeable battery and a GIG of flash memory. Featuring Both wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity, the mouse crams in. Everything you need and more. This allows you to connect to the computer Even IF all of the USB ports Are full, and to transfer files from one computer to Another Without the Need to Carry around Another flash drive.

The mouse is short and wide, providing comfort for the Hand Without Taking up too much space. It features a sleek design That feels comfortable and looks great. The surface facing a brushed metal appearance, GIVING it an industrial look That is very nice to look at.

The simplest way to set up the mouse to MOST computers is through the use of the USB port. The EU Can receiver plugged in to the computer’s USB port, allowing the mouse wirelessly Used To Be Without tying it down to the computer or causing clutter with a mouse Cord. The great thing about the wireless receiver for the Microsoft mouse is That’s Memory Also Contains the 1 GB of flash memory. Also it serves as a connector to plug the mouse in them. This is Used to charge the battery of the mouse so That there is no need to buy Additional Batteries, a qual COST Can add up over time. Instead of using Two or more double or triple A Batteries, this Microsoft Bluetooth mouse runs off of just one rechargeable double A battery. The recharging cable is attached to the underside of the mouse and the end of the USB transceiver using Tiny Magnets.

For added convenience, the mouse became wirelessly Can Hooked up to the computer using Bluetooth. This is especially nice swimming becaus it does the USB transceiver Require To Be Hooked up, allowing for an Even more clutter free Arrangement for your computer. A small switch Located on the Inside of the battery compartment allows the mouse to EU switched in and out of this mode with ease. For Those of us WHO have Laptops with Bluetooth capability, this mouse is a great option DOES NOT Require That Any Peripheral attachments.

In Spit of Its portability, the mouse Also Offers desktop like capability. It features Two thumb buttons for extra customization. It Also facing a four-way scroll wheel. Can this wheel became rolled up and down for vertical scrolling, and clicked side to side for horizontal scrolling. Thes are great options for a wireless mouse intended for portable use. Having the portability of a notebook experience with the utility of a full desktop computer Comes in handy When trying to get the job done away from the home.

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