MIONIX-NAOS-7000-Multi-Color-Ergonomic-Optical-Gaming-Mouse-0Mionix is a manufacture of gaming equipment and works with high quality products like razer or logitech. The Mionix Naos 7000 is the follower of the mionix naos 5000. The naos is a wired gaming mouse and looks the logitech g700 really similar. I used this mouse for more than 4 weeks.

In this time I found many thing about the quality of the mouse, the way of cleaning the mouse of dust.

Product details of the Mionix Naos 7000

  • follower of the Mionix Naos 5000
  • comes with up to 7000 DPI
  • right handed mouse
  • 32bit ARM processor
  • 2 LEDs with lightning setting of more than 16 million colors
  • Gold plated USB

My review of the gaming mouse:

The Mionix Naos 7000 comes with a USB cable of 2m. Mionix have a special software for there gaming mouses for programming the dpi settings, the colors and the buttons.
The mouse have a 3-step adjustment of the dpi. The mouse worked on my desktop computer with the OS Windows 10. I put the USB connector into the pc and the mouse worked instandly (plug and play). With this you don’t need to download driver software. The mionix naos 7000 works with a maximum polling rate of 1000Hz and senstivity of 7000 DPI. Two programmable buttons are at the left side for the thumb and two buttons are behind the scroll wheel.
With the software you can create five profiles for your games. With the 128 kb built-in memory the mouse saves the profiles and you can take the mouse to other devices and use your programmed profiles.
Four big layer of rubber coating as mouse feets create the bottom of the mouse and helps to use the mouse also on smooth surfaces without a mouse pad. Personally I think its better to use a mouse pad to keep the attrition low.
To change the sensitivity between the 3 steps the buttons behind the scrolling wheel are really useful.
You can change between the steps in a easy way with the forefinger or you can program it on a other way.
A thing that is a minus of the mouse is the small cable. It’s only a small cable with a gummi mac.
An ideal way would be in my opinion an additional jacket that you can’t break the cable and get knots.
In the ergonomical way the mouse is for people who want to use it with the palm grip or the fingertip grip and less for people which want to use the gaming mouse for the claw grip.

The Disadvantages of the Mionix Naos 7000:

I found one contra for the Mionix gaming mouse. The one is the missing of a dpi light
that show on which dpi step the mouse already standing.

All disadvantages in short:

  • missing dpi light notice

The Advantages of the Mionix Naos 7000:

The Mionix mouse have a nice design and with the led lights you can customize the mouse for your needs.
The gaming mouse is a ergonomic mouse with an extra tray for the ringfinger. I don’t know any mouses with this feature.
For me its easy to reach all the buttons comfortably. I don’t need to twist my hand to click the buttons.
The buttons are not to easy and not to hard to press. The mouse wheel make a loud clicking while turning and it have a strong
resistant. For me personally its really good cause if I change the weapons in games with the wheel and the scrolling is to easy
I don’t choose the right weapon. So for my opinion the wheel with the resistant is absolutly perfect, but it is matter of opinion.
All Advantages in short:

  • nice design
  • customize led lights
  • precise sensor
  • tray for the ringfinger
  • normal click press of the buttons
  • resistant in the mouse wheel


On every conclusing I give you an advise for which people the mouse is the best.
The mouse has a price of actually $54,99. It comes with a precise sensor a modern design
and many different things you can change around the mouse. The mouse have 7 buttons all together.
These buttons can be programmed with macros to generate complex orders.
The only flaw is the missing of a showing on which dpi step the mouse is already working.You can find this mouse for a cheap price on amazon.


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