Practice Your Golf Swing before Games

Manners for playing golf in the fairway is similar to tee, and you just need drop the ball point because different players have the same group dispersed in different places fairway shot to do to prepare. Usually, players who are farthest from the hole hit the ball first. Of course, if discussed in advance with a good group of players you can also play Ready Golf, which means the players first prepared hit the ball. Need to reiterate that before the shot the same group must determine the location of other players, to judge is your turn to hit the ball or let the other fellow first shot, while also ensuring that their shots would not hurt companions who are looking for the ball in the fairway.


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We often meet some golfers, each turn when he hit the ball, always standing next to endless empty swing the ball, so that nobody are troublesome. Place to practice his swing in the driving range, putting green or golf course, and not on the court. Rules of Golf swing on the air before hitting the number of no special requirements, strictly speaking there is no limit. But usually, it’s your turn to hit a ball in the field up to practice one or two air swings enough. In fact when you are constantly short swing, before hitting the practice, expect to find the perfect swing feel, the longer the more the body will become tense.

Many professional players in the game simply do not do any exercise and hit directly, because they know that any move to delay the game will be punished. General golf games are controlled in 45 seconds for hitting once ball. So they are usually a bit before the ball went immediately shot. Of course, if running into a group waiting in front of hitting area, you have enough time to practice a few empty swings.

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