razer blackshark

BlackShark is a Razer’s military themed headset that provides great comfort and sound quality to the users. It has stylish and attractive look with several additional features for gaming.

Technical details:

  • Driver – Closed
  • Power source – None
  • Active noise cancelling – No
  • Response frequency – 20 Hz to 29 KHz
  • Sensitivity – 105 dB
  • Inline volume – Available
  • Impendence – 29 ohms
  • Length of a cable – 1 m
  • Plug type – 3.5 mm gaming headset jack plug
  • Weight – 290 grams
  • Additional spec – Splitter extension cable

Customer opinion:

I wonder when I bought a Razer BlackShark headset for my PC gaming purpose. It fulfilled all of my expectations through the gaming headset with its features. One amazing thing that I want to share is about razer blackshark battery. It has a very good battery compatible even with longer gaming sessions. I enjoyed a lot with this headset and it provides a great communication with my teammates while playing games on my personal computer.

Removable mic is a great feature I have got with this product. Sometimes I wish to detach my microphone while game play. This feature doesn’t available in any other gaming headsets. So, I feel very comfortable with this product and its high quality features for PC gaming.

Disadvantages of the Blackshark:

Razer BlackShark doesn’t support Dolby digital sound given by some PC games. It is slightly has an extra weight as compared to other gaming headsets available in the market. The folding headset device is comfortable for taking anywhere. But this headset cannot be folded and it takes large space in my bag. It is not having straight plug that is better for the jack.

Even BlackShark headset from Razer gives a good feel to the users, it is actually designed with the plastic ear cups. It will not be comfortable for the users when they have a long gaming session. Since the ear cups are made up of plastic material, it will get quite warm after sometimes while playing. It tightly closes the ears while using but it creates warm with uncomfortable feeling.

Advantages of the Headphone:

There are several more reasons for why Razer BlackShark is a better gaming headset than others even it has some disadvantages. These reasons make a positive razer blackshark review for the new users. It has passive noise reduction and sound isolation quality for reducing background noise while having PC game play. So, it prevents your sound from leaking out. I personally experienced this benefit because I’m also a PC gamer and using Razer BlackShark headset and wireless mouse for playing games on my computer. This headset significantly contains high frequency microphone that picks up well while gaming.

Removable mic is another main advantage of this new version Razer headset. With this feature, we can attach or detach a microphone if necessary. Similarly, it accepts lower frequencies with lower mic. It is usually helpful when there is a need for speech. The human voice only has a lower frequency. It considerably has lower impedance which acts as an electrical resistance to the devices. With the lower impedance, it will possibly get higher volume and wants only less power. Higher sound pressure level is another big benefit of this headset with the very good audio source. It has stereo speakers to deliver surround sound for better gaming experience. Users of this headset get the best gaming experiences and recommend it for their friends.


I’m very conscious in buying particular products like headset and mouse for my PC gaming experience. So, I have done Razer BlackShark test for knowing their features. Both contain wonderful features with amazing sound quality, easy handling, fast access, good battery life, less weight, and other options. The wireless feature of this Mad Catz mouse is a very new but interesting experience while playing a game on the computer.

I actually love BlackShark from Razer headset product because it is compatible with Windows xp, Windows 8, Windows 10, and even Mac platforms. I feel very proud to have this headset in front of my friends and game mates because of its stylish design. Its separate headset jacks and mic truly insist me to buy this product and I got what I want.


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