razer kraken review

razer kraken

The Razer Kraken is a decent headset that is an incredibly simple and comfort product with the best sound quality. It is actually a gaming headset offering huge features to the gamers. This headset is a right choice for all players to have an excellent game play at home.

Technical details:

  • Frequency response – From 20 Hz to maximum 20 KHz
  • Form feature – Over ear
  • Weight – 10.34 ounces
  • Connection – 3.5 mm stereo
  • Type of microphone – Mono mic
  • Size of a driver – 40mm
  • Magnet type – Neodymium
  • Sensitivity – 110 dB
  • Impedance – 32 ohms
  • Length of a cable – 1.3 m

Customer opinion:

The Razer Kraken Pro is a special version of gaming headset released previously this year. I write this razer kraken review according to my personal experience with this product. It is a perfect choice for the game play because it has good stereo sound quality with the best lighting feature. It has given a high end and professional look to me. I felt a great difference with this product than my older gaming headset. Razer headset provides a great sound quality for enjoying a game play.

Disadvantages of the Kraken:

Even though Razer Kraken is a good choice of headset for PC gaming, the main razer kraken disadvantage is its sound quality. Many users like its good sound but it doesn’t have surround sound quality. Digital surround sound quality can only give a maximum enjoyment in the PC game play. I recently bought this headset product and I expect 3D surround sound quality. But it couldn’t have surround program and I’m not satisfied with its sound. Razer does not have this surround sound option and make everything limited.

Similarly, it will not have in-line volume control which is a main con of this headset product. Without this volume control, one cannot handle it while playing PC games. Today’s generation mostly use wireless products whereas there is no wireless option in this Razer Kraken. It is only available in the wired format which is very boring to the current gamers. Wired headset or USB headset is not a great choice for the frequent PC gamers like me. I expect only wireless gaming headset but Razer disappoints me with these specifications.

Advantages of the Kraken:

The Razer Kraken gaming headset has a great look and comfortable design with several gaming features. It is compatible with all Windows platforms such as Windows xp, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac platforms. Its bright appearance and wonderful color options attract me a lot. I had enjoyed my game play with this Kraken headset because it is suitable even I have lengthy gaming sessions. I have done razer kraken analyse while buying and today’s it helps a lot for my game play. It gives an unlimited console support and still works with portables and any PC.

The mic availability on this headset is really very good for communication with my gaming team members. Although it not has surround sound, its sound quality is excellent and comfortable for all types of games. There are a lot of mouse, keyboards, and headset products available for computer gaming. Like this Razer headset, Mad Catz rat 9 is a popular wireless gaming mouse. I have tested this headset earlier and it works well on my PC. Now I am using this wireless mouse and Kraken headset for my PC game. Both works well for even long gaming sessions and provides excellent support to me. You can listen to every feature of this gaming device and get the complete support to make a decision for investing in it confidently.


All buyers including me have been doing razer kraken test before buying this product. As a result, it has a decent design, very good sound quality, and fast accessing features for gamers. Everyone can easily handle it for having lengthy game play. Its price range is also low as compared to other gaming headsets.

I really like these Razer Kraken and other gaming products for my PC game play. This is because both provide a comfortable gaming environment to me with all necessary features such as sound quality, professional look, volume control, comfortable design, and all. In my opinion, its design is cool and pretty good with all comfortable features.

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