Razer Mamba










pressure point





  • nice design
  • costumize led lightning
  • precise sensor
  • ressistant of the mousewheel
  • costumizable with software
  • software for programming
  • use while charging


  • Expensive price
  • take long time to connect the cable



Razer Mamba

It’s a world’s most powerful gaming mouse that includes strong sensor system. This mouse includes RGB lighting, which makes this gaming mouse more attractive and stylish also. Most of the people in the US prefer this modern technology to improve their gaming speed. Here, I am going to provide you razer mamba review briefly.

Overview about the product

The Razer Mamba is one of the popular gaming mice currently. It’s an almost wireless product, but its minute varies, and it also has a rechargeable battery and this make this product more popular and best razer gaming mouse currently. I have used this gaming mouse constantly over a week and I realize it’s a one of the best products. It also has better customization and battery life. It contains the superb body shape and stylish design and it require little force to click the right and left mouse buttons.
I think, it’s a one of the best wireless gaming mouse deal. The actuation, power for every button can be discretely adjusted between 46 to 96 grams, with 16 steps of granularity. Razer advises the lighter energy for games like MOBAs where you need to click very rapidly, and the superior force for game shooters that need extra “controlled and distinct” clicks. In my trying, the alteration actually does make an audible distinction, but I wouldn’t speak that it really affected me during play different types of games.
I didn’t locate the list, click too easy or soft, and I didn’t find the utmost click too tough. Both were equally fine.
Its battery life is really better than other type of gaming mouse. It has a rechargeable battery through which you can constantly play 20 hours easily. It provides long battery life and strong backup. It’s also a development from the 15 hours stated by the earlier model of Mamba. It’s a great way through which you can play any kind of game without any disturbance. This mouse is also adjustable as per your hand size. You can grip it properly. When you will use it, you can grip it accurately and your fingers end up accurately in front of the mouse by a couple of centimeters.
If you have large palm, then you won’t be worried about this fact because I also have large palm but I used it very easily. This Mamba product you can grip very smoothly. Razer till uses the superior quality materials in the gaming mouse world, they use superior quality sweats resistance matte plastic at the top of the mouse and superb grippy pad made of rubber, for the side panels. The product is made in a way, so that you can comfortably click with your thump finger.  After using this product, I must say, it’s a great and good quality mouse through which you can play your most desirable games smoothly and tension free.
All the features make this product more popular and standard. Its design, price, battery life, and other features are outstanding.

Razer Mamba Disadvantages

Yeah sure every product have it’s good and bad sides. Here I wanna show you what I found out about bad aspects.
The biggest disadvantage of the mamba is the big price with more than 120$ for a wireless gaming mouse you need to have a big budget.
The second bad thing is the software of razer. It need much processing power of the PC you already need for your games.
Problems to switch from wireless to wired is a annoying problem with the mouse. You need to much time to change it if you already on a battle in a shooter.

Razer Mamba Advantages

The Mamba’s have many advantages. The first thing it is really comfortable in the hand and you can
use it for hours without getting pressure marks or pains. The second thing is the long working wireless function.
It works longer than one week. The lights of the mouse are really pretty.