Razer Naga










pressure point





  • numbers of buttons
  • click noise, so you know you have click the button
  • macro programming the buttons
  • lighted thumb buttons , logo and scroll wheel
  • 3-way scroll wheel
  • build profile for every program/game


  • too easy click the left and right click

Gaming is part of the entertainment and you play it because you want to enjoy your time, especially when you were sorazer-naga-2014 busy. Games are a sure stress reliever and a storyteller. You will know and learn things on games such as moral values, facts, and many more. However, to play the game, you must have the necessary equipment to progress in your game. Now, aside from a computer, you must also have an excellent mouse that will make your movement, selection, or action easier in the game.

Some games use a mouse for other input, not just the keyboard. In first-person and shooter games, the mouse plays an important role in locating, navigating, and selecting an object in a three-dimensional perspective. Now, it would be annoying if your mouse were not cooperating with you in the game as you press it.  In order to make a smoother game play, you must secure yourself a gaming mouse.

You must remember that gaming mouse is different from a normal mouse because a gaming mouse is built with the keys that are mostly accessible in games such as the number keys. The main benefit you would get in gaming mouse is the easier access to keys and buttons and the more comfortable control in gaming. Now, the product that will be features is a gaming mouse.

Product specifications

The Razer Naga Gaming Mouse is the mouse that has the color neon green and black. Overall, the black color is the most significant color that surrounds the gaming mouse. Now, the 12-button grid makes it easier to access each number instead of pressing the numbers on the keyboard. The buttons also provide tactile feedback, which is a great button to press. This will make your in-game actions quicker and faster than before, which will lead you to victory and progress. The size of the mouse fits various hand sizes and is perfect in normal use.

In addition to that, the size also provides comfort to the user because of the design to fit all hand sizes. The next one is the scroll wheel of Razer Naga Gaming Mouse. The scroll wheel is also essential in games as well as reading a forum from a page of your game. The unique aspect of this gaming mouse is that the scroll wheel goes left and right as well, compared to old gaming mouse, where the wheels only goes up and down.

The mouse can be configured to your chosen settings for a portable, yet compact gaming mouse just for you. Some games have hotkeys in it, which is the reason why configuration becomes a great help setting it to your personal settings. Now, the 4G laser sensor system makes the sensing capabilities more responsive. Precision and responsiveness is one of the top priorities for gamers, which is why Razer Naga Gaming Mouse achieves it through the 8200dpi 4G laser sensor.


The great thing about Razer Naga Gaming Mouse is the convenient appearance and access to it. The buttons on the side make it easier for users and gamers to quickly react to the game and make quick actions depending on the critical situations, which will decide a loss or victory on their side. This mouse is perfect for fast and quick actions in the game. Not only that, but this gaming mouse can be used in business, especially in programs that are mostly used by people such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, video editing programs, and many more.

You can sign up and register your device in Synapse, which will allow you to configure your device and provide you the tools that will make your mouse universal and adaptable to many games. You also get the settings based on setting the timed and untimed macros. The most important part is the other option that customers can buy, which is the Razer Naga Gaming Mouse that is customized for left-handed people and gamers. This will provide more options and opportunities for left-handed gamers, to play games with ease and comfort. Lastly, the Razer Synapse or Synapse is supported with an online cloud, so you do not have to worry when you accidentally forget your configurations or settings because it is saved in a backup, which is the Razer Synapse.


You just have to be careful about the product when you click. Of course, there are times when the user clicks hard on accident or already an abusive clicker. This will wear out the left click mouse button, which will have problems later on. When you encounter a double-click issue, even though you just clicked once, that means the gaming mouse is broken.

The buttons and design may complicate and confuse the user at first, which will provide problems, but later on solved with frequent use. On some occasions, the buttons on the side of Razer Naga Gaming Mouse gets in the way, which will annoy some gamers and users by accidentally pressing one of it, resulting in an activation of something in the game.


Razer Naga Gaming Mouse does not go lower than good and it exceeds ¾ of the greatness level. However, you just have to use it carefully and not abusively or it will be break early. The common issues on gaming mice today are the double-click issues, which will destroy the progress in the game and annoy gamers with an action they did not even do. That is the reason why this gaming mouse may be an alternative to it with moderate or careful use. The specifications are not that bad either. It all takes patience when you are still new to the product and you will get used to it the longer you use it. The size is not a problem because it fits different hand sizes. The only thing that is a downfall is the accidental push of buttons on the sides and low durability of the left and right clicks, especially for the left click because it is used mostly.


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