I play games almost every day to ease the stress I am experiencing. I work and I need to chill on my free time to relieve stress. Sometimes, I even purchase newer games that interest me, especially when it is played on the computer. It is hard when you do not play because you get anxious, worried, stressed, and you become unproductive in your work. Gaming is part of your life and it is part of the entertainment world.

Games teach you to be strong, courageous, thoughtful, kind, and many more, depending on the genre of the game. Some games even influence children to be violent. That is the reason why gaming is influential and it should be used correctly. Some games tell a story, which will teach you moral values and lessons that can be applied in your daily life. Now, in gaming, you must have the necessary devices that will aid you in progressing a game you are playing, especially when mechanics, interface, and content is similar to other games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends.

This product that I bought, which is the Razer Orbweaver Stealth, is aiding me correctly and efficiently. This can be aiding you as well in your games and make your commands easier to do compared to using the normal keyboard that will just cause accidental clicks and push of other keys.

Razer Orbweaver Product description:

Razer Orbweaver Stealth has the mechanical key structure, which makes it easier to push the keys when playing a game. In addition to that, the keys are 20 in number with an 8-way thumb pad that will switch and alter your customized keys into other settings you used in your profile. The keys have optimized force that it can handle of 50 grams and a reduced distance of pressing of 2 millimeters, which makes my pressing quicker compared to pressing harder to commence the command. I can change the keys into many profiles I set up in different games, rather than setting it the moment you play, which will consume time and effort. It is best to prepare and this 8-way thumb pad suffices everything.

This one-handed gaming keyboard has adjustable hands, wrist, and thumb modules. The overall color of the gaming keyboard is black and neon green or green. It has a backlight that will light up the moment is used in dark conditions and areas. Of course, to customize my keys, I have the in-game configuration tool that will allow me to customize and set the keys I want in games. Most importantly, this is synced to the Synapse, a cloud that will store and save my settings, so I will not have worries when I go to some places with this one-handed gaming keyboard.

I have read some of the Razer Orbweaver Review and I find it accurate. The “clicky” feedback is the one that makes it more interesting because it will surely make the pressing of the keys comfortable. Moreover, the comfort is at high quality because my hands do not feel sore after long usage of the keypad, which is why it is best for hardcore gamers such as myself.

Disadvantages of the Razer Orbweaver

However, the only downside of Razer Orbweaver Stealth is the keys and the rubber or glue coating. You cannot replace your gaming keyboard with this gaming keypad because it lacks keys for typing a message or sentences both in the game or not. In addition to this, when you use it in humid or temperate atmospheres, especially if you live in a tropical area or non-air-conditioned room, you will feel the sticky mess on your hands, wrists, or thumb, which makes my usage uncomfortable sometimes, but I wipe it and clean it with clean cloth to prevent it from becoming sticky. In short, when the glue used to make the rubber and plastic stick together, somewhat melts with skin temperature and longer usage. Sometimes, other customers Razer Orbweaver Stealth Review say it would not let their profile save in the Synapse, but it is something minor and it is already addressed to the company that made this product.

Pros of the one handed gaming keyboard

I do not have problems on the reach of the keys because the structure and spaces are planned and structured well. This makes my gaming a lot easier because I do not have a problem in reaching other keys that I want to press, especially in critical situations in the game where I have to press the key quickly. In addition to that, the hand, wrist, or palm rest are adjustable and its modules adapt to any position I make, which provides me full support and comfort in whatever I do. The backlight of the gaming keypad makes it easier for me to see in the dark. This is helpful when you lost your fingers from the perfect positioning, which you can find easily because of the backlight.

The keys are durable and it lasted for a long time until now. Since this is a one-handed keypad, I do not have to switch using my other hand from keypad to mouse because this keypad only requires one hand. To top that off, the 8-way thumb pad makes me switch to another set profile I saved before playing another game to consume less time. Lastly, the overall size and design of the product do not consume a lot of space.


Therefore, this product is recommended in gaming. I am using it when I play MMO games such as League of Legends or Phantasy Star Online 2, which require quick reflexes and issuing of commands in the game. Since the keys are more responsive compared to the normal gaming keyboard, I progress in the game and it made me stronger. Not only that, but the comfort it provides from the wrist, hand, and palm rest immerses me even more in the game without hassles or problems. If you are still doubting, it is best you read some of the trusted Razer Orbweaver Review and compare, plan, and decide before purchasing anything.

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