razer-tartarus-chroma-h500-green-v01Gaming is one of the stress-relievers that you can count on. It also makes your brain release a substance that makes you happy. Games do not only make you smart, but it makes you a wise person. In games, it is required that you have a gaming keypad and a gaming mouse together because it will help you in most games. I use a gaming mouse because it always gets me through the tough situations, especially when the situation of the game I play requires quick action.
I have two computers; I use the first computer for normal web surfing and work while I use the second computer for gaming and entertainment purposes. Of course, I will never be late in gaming because I want to progress in each level so that I will gain achievements and unlock new levels and powers. Now, when talking about gaming keypads, it always comes in handy because it has the essential keys that are mostly used in games. This will make my navigation and action quicker and more responsive, compared to a normal keyboard. That is why I prefer gaming keypad because it prevents me from pressing other keys not present in the game. This will just delay and cause more trouble.  I am so satisfied as I read Razer Tartarus review in many websites.

Product specifications

The Razer Tartarus gaming keypad is black and neon green in color, which is the default color set in other products from the same company, Razer. As I bought one, I firstly notice the black color because it was the most dominant of all based on the covering of the said gaming mouse. The wire or cable that connects the gaming keypad from the power source is covered and framed with a braided fiber, which adds durability to the wire, preventing it from breaking or snapping. Since I bought the Chroma-type, the gaming keypad with a backlight, I can see my gaming keypad glowing. The light can be customized to any color of your choice. The keys are individually lit, so I can see the numbers and keys clearly, no matter how dark my room is. However, the other type, which is the Standard one, has no backlight, if you plan to play without any backlight.

The ergonomic form makes it fit with many wrists, hand, or palm sizes. This one-handed keyboard can make a difference because of the compact design. The wrist rest are adjustable to fit on any angles while playing my game. In addition to that, the 25 keys that are customizable or programmable makes it unique because you have more options rather than limited ones. This also includes an 8-way thumbpad that both makes you move precisely or modify your keys. Of course, the Razer Synapse is there as a tool to customize and set your keys, which your settings will be saved in a cloud. I can save my custom profiles and settings without worrying that it will be erased because I know there is a backup.


The overall design of Razer Tartarus makes it easier for me to play games for longer periods, without straining my wrists and hands in the long process. High-quality comfort is the best thing that attracted me to the product because it will not strain my wrists and hands while playing, thus, my performance and reaction is unaffected. In addition to that, the size makes it easier for me to transport the device to other places, especially in travelling. Again, the Razer Synapse’s cloud will save my settings and I do not have problems in remembering the settings I placed on the respective keys.

The numerous keys and 8-way directional thumb pad from this one handed keyboard can make endless possibilities because you can set and assign commands to about 128 command slots in total. What is more interesting, is that I do not have to worry about the Synapse when I do not have internet connection because it will just tap on the local copy save instead of the cloud. But once my internet is back, it will update and I will have access on the cloud—that simple.


The Razer Tartarus is not really recommended when you type a sentence or chat to someone in the game because it barely has all the keys in the alphabet. You still need to have your normal keyboard with you to type sentences and chat to your friends in the game. The wireless one has its downfall as well because users will worry on recharging the device, compared to the wired one that I am using, which does not require recharging. This makes it different from other gaming keyboards as well because it requires a driver or software such as Synapse to work efficiently. Lastly, some occasions will have crashes or some incompatible issues with other computers, but it is something minor.


Based on the Razer Tartarus Review, this product is best for gaming, but you still need the normal keyboard to type messages to your friends or constructing words and sentences in the game you are playing. If you are new and still starting on this type of keyboard, do not worry, it will take the time to master just like other products. Now, this one handed keyboard is helpful in games, especially in games that have hotkeys because you act quickly due to this product.