Redragon Centrophorus










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  • really good price
  • lightning of the mouse
  • good grip
  • software for programming


  • feels cheap
  • to purpot that it have a short lifespan

Introduction Redragon Centrophorus:


redragon centrophorus

The gaming mouse Redragon Centrophorus is a product by the company “Original Equipment Manufacturer” which excels in the manufacture of high tech gaming accessories. Their main objective is to provide excellent gaming accessories to avid gamers which are not too expensive also.

Specifications of Redragon Centrophorus:

Redragon Centrophorus is a gaming mouse which is meant for all types of gamers who have the love for high quality gaming accessories. The product by OEM comes with specifications and features which make it a high performance tool. The gaming mouse comes in a pack which can be bought off the shelf with contents such as Centrophorus gaming mouse, tuning weights and its user manual. The mouse it adjustable up to 2000 dpi, 4000 FPS, 15 G acceleration and an Avago sensor and Omron micro switches. The product comes with a 6 ft high strength braided fibre cable, anti skid scroll wheel and red backlighting. It is a quality ABS product which comes with two programmable side buttons. It also has durable and smooth Teflon base with a firm grip for the user. The design is such that left hander as well as right hander users can use it conveniently. The product is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, vista, XP and Mac.

A consumer opinion:

The gaming mouse, be it wired or wireless or cheap or expensive should be such that it delivers a satisfactory gaming experience to the user. People like me who invest substantial time in deciding upon my personal gaming accessories really value quality and performance even if they come at a greater price. Here, Redragon Centrophorus gaming mouse which is available at $20 is a good buy for many while for some it might be something less than satisfactory.

  1. Disadvantages of the Redragon Centrophorus mouse display good performance but there are a few hiccups that might give a buyer something to think about. The side scroll by this gaming mouse is not that effective. Some people would agree that they cannot side scroll at all with this mouse. Other than this, the software does provide a vast number of aspects to work with but does not include a double click function. One should be able to select it from the functions that the gaming mouse offers but for some users this is hardly an area of concern. It depends from individual to individual to rate this as a disadvantage or not.
  2. Advantages of this gaming mouse has many advantages to its claim, starting with the high quality look of the product. For electronics and especially gaming accessories like this, it is invariably important that the product should neither look cheap nor behave cheap. Redragon Centrophorus has a textured feel to it which also makes it easy on the grip. The mouse looks high quality because of the high quality materials used in manufacturing it. The braided cable gives the whole setting a neat look and is also reinforced properly where it meets the mouse. The movements produced by the mouse are confident and hence make the user also feel the same. There are 4 well placed extra buttons which are customizable. The mouse wheel is smooth and virtually glides on any surface. The product comes with a wide range of DPI settings which are extremely adaptable. It is intelligent software that the product works on. It provides full control over DPI, pointer speed, lighting options, acceleration and polling rate.



One can get the product delivered under $20

The software provides 5 easy to load profiles to customize it

The movement of the mouse is smooth

Great grip


No double click button function as option

The mouse wheel does not side scroll

A final word:

For the money that I paid for this product, I would definitely call it as a product which is true to its cost and performance value. One can indeed have a fulfilling gaming experience with this gaming mouse, owing to its great grip and feel. This especially goes for longer duration games where eventually one has the palm sweating. All this makes this product worth a buy.

gaming redragon centrophorus

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